Monday 11 September 2023

The bulk of this page is a list of the books in my library, for two reasons, but to give it an immediate perspective I’ll cover what I’m currently reading first (and I am a voracious reader, as you might gather from the titles that follow the Current Reading list) and leave the reasons for the following section. As with my Music page, I’m not adamant about keeping each of them in my library; so do drop me a line if you spot something you just desperately need to have, and I’ll give it some thought. Having said that, however, I’ll note that I recently changed residences and, despite having lugged my library of circa 1,000 titles up 18 stairs in boxloads, swearing to (and at) myself that I would winnow the collection to make future moves less onerous, I then spent a week or two carefully shelving things in an arrangement that worked best in the new home…and I found I could part with only a couple dozen titles (mostly gifts or travel guides).

King Solomon’s Ring   Konrad Z Lorenz

I picked this up at my family’s house while I was in my hometown last summer, as I had just finished Tacitus’s books (see below) and returned it to our shelves. This one nudged itself out for me to select, and I was surprised to see it in our bookshelf of Time Life Books titles, because I knew for sure that it hadn’t been part of that collection while I was growing up. After I finished reading it, the other day, I belatedly noticed a price of $2.50 penciled in on the first page…which indicates that my father must have purchased it at a used-books shop upon noticing that it was a Time-Life Books title that he too didn’t recognize.

I picked this up at my family’s house while I was in my hometown this summer, as I had just finished Tacitus’s books (see below) and returned it to our shelves. Whatever its provenance, it was a really good read full of insights into animal psychology (or ethology, as Lorenz more accurately would put it). As I’m endlessly fascinated by cats and what makes them tick in terms of behaviour and personality, this voyage through the larger animal kingdom with that sort of perspective (but guided by someone with far better credentials). The only fly in the ointment here was that of Lorenz’s Nazi past.

“The green water-frogs were croaking in the lazy way they have on summer days, big dragon flies came whirling past, and a black-cap warbled its sweetly jubilant song in a bush not three yards from where I lay. Farther off, I could hear Alfred winding up his camera and grumbling at the little mallards who forever kept swimming into the picture, while for the moment he did not want anything in it but greylags. In the higher centres of my brain I was still aware that I ought to get up and help my friend by luring away the mallards and the Ruddy-Egyptian [a hybrid of ruddy sheldrake and Egyptian goose], but although the spirit was willing the flesh was weak, for exactly the same reason as was that of the disciples in Gethsemane: I was falling asleep. Then suddenly, through the drowsy dimness of my senses, I heard Alfred say, in an irritated tone, ‘Rangangangang, Rangangangang—oh, sorry, I mean—quahg, gegegegeg, quahg, gegegegeg!’ I woke laughing: he had wanted to call away the mallards and had, by mistake, addressed them in greylag language.”

The Broken Road   Patrick Leigh Fermor, edited by Colin Thubron and Artemis Cooper

One of the only indulgences I used my pandemic-generated “stimulus check” for in 2020 was a pair of coauthored posthumously trilogy-completing books. One was the final massive volume of William Manchester’s tremendous biography of Winston Churchill, and the other was this much-anticipated (by its eventual readership) installment of a Brit’s early-1930s walking voyage from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople—a tale which had been first published in 1977 and then continued a decade later, leaving those of us who encountered it and were ensorcelled/smitten expecting that the conclusion would arrive any old time now. We finally do get it, albeit (apparently) minus the actual Constantinople arrival, thanks to a tremendous effort by his literary executors and editors to take his mostly-written text of this to a published form.

As with the Churchill tome, I had intended only to add the book to my library and do the actual deep dive into it when time and better circumstances permitted such a luxury. As things happened, however, a cat made things happen otherwise.

I don’t have a cat myself but very much love cats, so I get to know the cats of my neighborhood and lavish them with love and snacks. This has recently led to one local fella coming by for midnight snacks and a little loving attention (scritches), and after he’s had a sufficiency of the latter he just likes to sit near me and groom himself before wandering off again. What to do during that time? Have a book handy, naturally, and this one was a convenient first option. That it has plunged me back into the richly embroidered phrasings Fermor had originally drawn me in with is hardly a surprise—rather, a renewed delight.

There is, however, an important difference between this reading and that of the first two volumes: the Internet. When I read the others, that didn’t exist; I had to research Fermor’s referenced obscure terms via dictionaries and libraries if I chose to do so at all, and the concept of seeing photos of the places he was describing was unlikely in any case given that Eastern Europe was so closed-off from the West for so long and only depicted in Soviet-stylized images that bore little resemblance to any reality. The temptation to hop online and look up all these terms and places now is tremendous but is something I strive to resist: I want to experience Fermor’s journey the way I had originally done—illustrated by his words alone and augmented by my own imagination and whatever research I deemed was truly necessary. Tough to stick to!

“The same forgetfulness covers the next day’s journey and the little town of Dranovo: a blurred pencilled cross on the tattered map, drawn there nearly three decades ago, indicates that I must have spent a night there. The view suddenly clears again in the late afternoon of what must have been the next day as I rounded a turn under a steep cliff. Between this sharp drop in the roll of the mountains and a tall monolithic pinnacle of rock on the other side of a road, and enclosing the view like something seen through a giant keyhole, the town of Tirnovo a couple of miles ahead was wedged. It rose from a canyon like an emanation, a sharp flight of houses hovering in ascending waves along the lip of a precipice which swung airily away and then back again in three quarters of a circle. The rock face, as the town gained height, fell beneath it into a chasm of organ-fluted rock, all stressed and heavy with shadow, to the sinuous bend of the river Yantra. The tiled roofs of this winged insurrection of houses were plumed by belfries and trees, and the highest rocks at the farthest point of this all-but amphitheatre, after the town had died away, were scattered with churches. The airy town jutted with oriental balconies craning on diagonal beams above the gulf, and hundreds of windowpanes threw back the evening sun in tiers of square flaming sequins, as though fires were raging within.

“I understood Nadejda’s enthusiasm at once. My own grew with every advancing step and overflowed into excitement when I found myself climbing the long, narrow staircase of a main street winding endlessly upwards. Vines, heavy with grapes, coiled over the doorways and under the jut of the wide eaves and leaned out across the flags and the cobbles on trellises. The lanes that branched off to the right on the valley side, where the almost Tudor-looking upper storeys of timber and plaster thrust forward as though striving to merge balconies with opposite houses, ended like rocky diving-boards in the sky. Moccasins, scarlet sashes, and sheepskin hats crowded the steps and intermingled with flocks, donkeys, and mules, climbing and descending the steep thoroughfare like the traffic of Jacob’s ladder. An enormous priest with a spiralling beard was in difficulties with his horse; he clutched his umbrella and the reins, and the slithering and rearing of his mount on the slippery stones had jolted his cylinder had awry and shaken his bun loose down his back in a long flapperish coil, nearly capsizing the tray of earthenware yaourt jars balanced on the head of a passing dairyman.”

Courrier Sud by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

When I finished reading the French translation of Tolkien’s The Two Towers, recently, I found that I’d come to enjoy having French text as my bedtime fare. So I pulled this probably-only-fleetingly-read paperback from my shelves to serve that purpose while also refreshing my love of Saint-Exupéry’s writing voice and themes. I had thought I’d already read it, but apparently I was conflating it with his Vol de nuit…and now I’m in the awkward position of not merely reading French as I’m trying to get myself to a sleepy state but also having to figure out what the heck is going on in the storyline because it’s got a romance going on that wasn’t part of what I thought I was going to be reading!

The Annals by Tacitus

I really didn’t intend to be reading this, but it decided for me that the time had come to do so. I was back in my hometown this summer, visiting my parents, and as has become the case on such trips I found myself largely unable to sleep. To encourage my brain to give up and shut down, in the middle of one night/morning, I went over to our set of the University of Chicago’s Great Books of the Western World and, after mulling the options of the many titles I had not yet read, selected the Tacitus one. I figured I would at least have an inroad into it from having read Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire a few years back.

Although it only marginally helped me get some shut-eye just then, I decided to bring it back to Bellingham; what little I’d read had proven to be improbably interesting, so I figured it would be worth having on hand in case the urge hit me to continue with it. Which is what came to pass a little more than a month later, and now I’m fully on board with it and quite enjoying it. Tacitus has an unexpectedly clear immediacy to his narrative, making this thousand-year-old account of almost-firsthand history delightfully fresh.

“The result was that Maroboduus was kept at Ravenna, where his possible return was a menace to the Suevi, should they ever disdain obedience. But he never left Italy for eighteen years, living to old age and losing much of his renown through an excessive clinging to life.”

About My Library

This is what I have on my bookshelves, minus a handful of books out on loan to friends. I have read most but not all of them (the language books are the greatest bone of contention that way), but I assure you that this reflects what I have chosen to be on my shelves (not including unavailable items); every time I change residences, as I did four years ago and am doing now, I re-think the ownership of nearly every book, and what you see here is what I have chosen to keep (and I reconsider their status from time to time, so if you see a book in the list that you’ve been seeking for years, go ahead and email me—I might be willing to part with it after all).

There’s upwards of 900 books here, covering many topics and domains but largely consisting of Language Reference, General Reference, History, Paris, Humor, How-To Reference, and a mishmashing of Literature and Biography. Why so many books? I’m an info junkie. An impatient one. I get off on research and ever-expanding knowledge, and when I want to know something or look up a detail that’s slipped my mind, I want that book right there in my hands, not requiring a trip to a library (especially when for example I awake at 3:00 in the morning and MUST know the etymology of the word “noodle”). I love books and reading, and because the way my days are structured (poorly and patchily, largely around my work schedule) I actually have many opportunities to read but am usually in such different moods at each of those times that it makes sense to be reading three or four books throughout the day (in addition to a near-constant stream of news when I’m near Internet access, which is most of the time).

Another reason I have so many books is, I must confess, that for a few years I had a terrible crush on someone who worked at the Elliott Bay Book Store (which was then on the ground floor of my Seattle office’s building), so I tended to buy books there when perhaps buying a book wasn’t the wisest thing to do….

My Book Library, Organized By Subject/Title

Greece Before Homer—Ancient Chronology and Mythology   John Forsdyke

A History of Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great   J B Bury

An Introduction to Medieval Institutions   Norman Zacour

The Year 1000—What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millenium   Robert Lacey & Danny Danziger

Holy War—The Crusades and Their Impact on Today’s World   Karen Armstrong

Cambridge Illustrated History of the Islamic World   Francis Robinson, Ed.

Africa Before They Came—The Continent, North, South, East, and West Preceding the Colonial Powers   Galbraith Welch

The World Beyond Europe—An Introduction to the History of Africa, Indian, Southeast Asia, and the Far East   George Alexander Lensen

Ibn Battuta in Black Africa   Said Hamoun & Noël King

The Travels of Marco Polo

The Gothic Image—Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Century   Emile Mâle

A Distant Mirror—The Calamitous 14th Century   Barbara Tuchman

The Yorkist Age—Daily Life During the Wars of the Roses   Paul Murray Kendall

Renaissance Humanism 1300–1550   Frederick B Artz

Reformation and Society in Sixteenth-Century Europe   A G Dickens

From Dawn to Decadence—1500 to the Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life   Jacques Barzun

History of England (Fourth Edition)   W E Lunt

Britain in Colour   R M Lockley

The British People at War

Forbidden Britain—Our Secret Past 1900–1960   Steve Humphries & Pamela Gordon

A Concise History of Scotland   Fitzroy Maclean

Duke Hamilton Is Dead!—A Story of Aristocratic Life and Death in Stuart Britain   Victor Slater

Hanoverian London 1714–1808   George Rudé

Crucible of War—The Seven Years’ War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754–1766   Fred Anderson

The War That Made America—A Short History of the French and Indian War   Fred Anderson

The First Salute—A View of the American Revolution   Barbara Tuchman

Revolutionary Europe 1783–1815   George Rudé

The March of Folly—From Troy to Vietnam   Barbara Tuchman

The Isles of Shoals Remembered—A Legacy from America’s First Musicans’ and Artists’ Colony   Caleb Mason

The Measure of All Things—The Seven-Year Odyssey and Hidden Error That Transformed the World   Ken Alder

Drawing the Line—Tales of Maps and Cartocontroversy   Mark Monmonier

The Professor and the Madman—A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary   Simon Winchester

Practicing History—Selected Essays   Barbara Tuchman

The Oxford Illustrated History of Italy   George Holmes

Faust’s Metropolis—A History of Berlin   Alexandra Richie

Southeastern Europe under Ottoman Rule, 1354–1804 [A History of East Central Europe, Volume V]   Peter F Sugar

The Lands of Partitioned Poland, 1795–1918 [A History of East Central Europe, Volume VII]   Piotr S Wandycz

The Price of Freedom   Piotr S Wandycz

The Rise and Fall of the Habsburg Monarchy   Victor-L Tapié

Danube   Claudio Magris

The Establishment of the Balkan National States, 1804–1920 [A History of East Central Europe, Volume VIII]   Charles & Barbara Jelavich

East Central Europe between the Two World Wars [A History of East Central Europe, Volume IX]   Joseph Rothschild

The Hungarians   Paul Lendvai

A Concise History of Hungary   Miklós Molnár

Budapest 1900   John Lukacs

Vienna 1900: Art, Architecture, & Design   Kirk Varendoe

The Viennese   Paul Hofman

Fin-de-Siècle Vienna   Carl E Schorske

Thunder at Twilight   Frederic Morton

The Proud Tower—A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1980–1914

The Fall of the Dynasties   Edmond Taylor

The Real War—1914–1918   Liddell Hart

The Zimmerman Telegram   Barbara Tuchman

They Called It Passchendaele   Lyn Macdonald

Sanctuary Wood & Hooge   Nigel Cave

Rites of Spring—The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age   Modris Eksteins

A Stillness Heard Round the World—The End of the Great War, November 1989   Stanley Weintraub

Art & Politics in the Weimar Period—The New Sobriety, 1917–1933   John Willett

The Great World War 1914–1945—Volume 1: Lightning Strikes Twice   John Bourne, Peter Liddle, & Ian Whitehead
The Great World War 1914–1945—Volume 2: Who Won? Who Lost?   John Bourne, Peter Liddle, & Ian Whitehead

Just a quick comment on this one: It has a great title and a laudable premise, but it utterly fails to deliver on either of those. Instead, it’s a very Britain-centric attempt to broadly view both wars, thus even the “enemy” viewpoints are all in relation to the British troops. It is definitely NOT representative of any broader perspective, nor of any more specific ones outside the British zone of experience. Thus these volumes are interesting as distillations of source material within a certain context but otherwise are useless as historical overview.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich—A History of Nazi German   William L Shirer

The Course of Russian History   Melvin C Wren

Revolutionary Russia 1917   John M Thompson

The Gate of Heavenly Peace   Jonathan D Spence

Sand Against the Wind—Stilwell and the American Experience in China 1911–45   Barbara Tuchman

This Side of Peace—A Personal Account   Hanan Ashrawi


A Traveller’s History of France   Robert Cole

The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France   Duc de Castries

Citizens   Simon Schama

Paris Babylon—The Story of the Paris Communie   Rupert Christiansen

Seven Ages of Paris   Alistair Horne

Fragile Glory   Richard Bernstein

Imagining Paris   J Gerald Kennedy

Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation   Noel Riley Fitch

Being Geniuses Together—1920–1930   Robert McAlmon & Kay Boyle

Published in Paris   Hugh Ford

Women of the Left Bank   Shari Benstock

Paris Was a Woman   Andrea Weiss

Kiki’s Paris: Artists and Lovers 1900–1930   Billy Klüver & Julie Martin

Atlas de Paris—Evolution d’un Paysage Urbain   Danielle Chadych & Dominique Leborgne

Hector Guimard   Felipe Ferré & Maurice Rheims

Paris: An Architectural History   Anthony Sutcliffe

Paris: A Century of Change, 1878–1978   Norma Evenson

An Architect’s Paris   Thomas Carlson-Reddig

The Guide to the Architecture of Paris   Norval White

A Guide to Hemingway’s Paris   John Leland

Walks in Gertrude Stein’s Paris   Mary Ellen Jordan Haight

Permanent Parisians   Judi Culbertson & Tom Randall

Paupers’ Paris   Miles Turner

Ville lumière, années noires—Les lieux du Paris de la collaboration   Cécile Desprairies

The Face of Paris   Harold P Clunn

Photographers’ Paris   Booking International

De Bienvenüe à Météor: Un Siècle de Métro en 14 Lignes   Jean Tricoire

Stations de Métro   Christine Bonneton, ed.

Atlas Paris par Arrondissements   Michelin #15

Atlas des Franciliens, Tome 3: Population et modes de vie   Insittut d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme de la Région d’Île-de-France (IAURIF)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du Ier Arrondissement   Yvan Christ, Jean-Marc Léri, Alfred Fierro, & Jean Dérens (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du IIe Arrondissement   Andrée Jacob, Jean-Pierre Babelon, & Jacqueline Monfrin (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du IIIe Arrondissement   Philippe Sorel (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du IVe Arrondissement   Alfred Fierro, André Jacob, & Jean-Marc Léri (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du Ve Arrondissement   Michel le Moël (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du VIe Arrondissement   André Jacob & Jean-Marc Léri (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du VIIe Arrondissement   Brigitte Gournay, Colette Lamy-Lassalle, & Diane Baude (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du VIIIe Arrondissement   André Jacob & Jean-Marc Léri (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du IXe Arrondissement   Jocelyne van Deputte (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du Xe Arrondissement   Laure Beaumont-Maillet (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XIe Arrondissement   Dominique Leborgne & Danièle Chadych (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XIIe Arrondissement   Alfred Fierro (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XIIIe Arrondissement   Jean-Jacques Lévêu;que (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XVe Arrondissement   René-Léon Cottard (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XVe Arrondissement   Dominique Leborgne (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XVIe Arrondissement   Philippe Siguret & Bertrand Lemoine (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XVII Arrondissement   Simone Granboulan-Féral, Rémy Gosa, Alain Lemoine, & Rodolphe Trouilleux (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XVIIIe Arrondissement   Pierre de Lagarde & Alfred Fierro (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XIXe Arrondissement  Alfred Fierro (Éditions Hervas)

Paris: Vie et Histoire du XXe Arrondissement   Hervé Manéglier (Éditions Hervas)

Au-Dessus de Paris   Robert Cameron & Pierre Salinger

Paris—Portrait of a City   Matthew Weinreb


Mr Beck’s Underground Map   Ken Garland

Underground Architecture   David Lawrence

The International Herald Tribune—The First Hundred Years   Charles L Robertson

Europe—Road to Unity   Flora Lewis

The Heart of Europe   Norman Davies

The Magic Lantern—The Revolution of ’89 Witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, and Prague   Timothy Garton Ash

How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed   Slavenka Drakulić

Café Europa   Slavenka Drakulić

They Would Never Hurt a Fly—War Criminals On Trial In The Hague   Slavenka Drakulić

To End a War   Richard Holbrooke

Under Orders—War Crimes in Kosovo   Human Rights Watch

America in Europe—A History of the New World in Reverse   Germán Arciniegas

Cuba—The Making of a Revolution   Ramon Eduardo Ruiz

Encyclopedia of American History   Richard B Morris

Rise to Globalism   Stephen Ambrose

Herblock’s Here And Now   Herbert Block

Straight Herblock   Herbert Block

Herblock Special Report   Herbert Block

Herblock on All Fronts   Herert Block

Herblock at Large   Herbert Block

There He Goes Again: Ronald Reagan’s Reign of Error   Mark Green & Gail MacColl

The Ordeal of World Power—American Diplomacy Since 1900   Samuel F Wells Jr, Robert H Ferrell, & David F Trask

Kafka Comes to America: Fighting For Justice in the War on Terror—A Public Defender’s Inside Account   Steven T Wax

An Inconvenient Truth   Al Gore

Then Comes Marriage—United States v. Windsor and the Defeat of DOMA   Roberta Kaplan with Lisa Dickey

The Anchor Atlas of World History (Vols. 1 & 2)   Hermann Kinder & Werner Hilgemann

National Geographic Concise History of the World—An Illustrated Time Line   Neil Kagan, ed.

Νέος Γεωγραφικός Ατλας Για Παιδιά   Αριστοτέλης Κωστόπουλος

Historical Atlas of the Classical World   John Haywood

Historical Atlas of the Medieval World   John Haywood

Historical Atlas of the 20th Century   John Haywood

National Geographic Historical Atlas of the United States

The World Atlas of Revolutions   Andrew Wheatcroft

Historical Atlas of East Central Europe [A History of East Central Europe, Volume I]   Paul Robert Magocsi

The West Point Atlas of War—World War I   Brigadier General Vincent J Esposito, General Editor

The West Point Atlas of War—World War II: European Theater   Brigadier General Vincent J Esposito, General Editor

These two books were a very well chosen gift from an old friend who recognized my fascination with history, even such military-focused stuff most people wouldn’t think I’m into. And the original publications by West Point were probably excellent, but I must note that these reissues by Tess Press are a sloppy affair, with many typos; also, the maps are all reduced to black and red ink on white paper, discarding the informational color range of the originals, and there are outright omissions of cited maps. And no index! Shoddy work.

The Complete Guide to Flags   William Crampton

The World Encyclopedia of Flags   Alfred Znamierowski

Composition   Arthur W Dow

Japanese Border Designs   selected and edited by Theodore Menten

What the Painter Sees   Editions Gallimard Jeunesse/Scholastic Voyages of Discovery

Ways of Seeing   John Berger

The Nature of Space—A Metaphysical and Aesthetic Inquiry   I Rice Pereira

Persuasive Images—Posters of War and Revolution   Peter Paret, Beth Irwin Lewis, & Paul Paret

Euro Deco: Graphic Design Between the Wars   Steven Heller and Louise Fili

History of Art   H W Janson

’Glasgow Girls’—Women in Art & Design 1880–1920   Jude Burkhauser

Moscow: Treasures and Traditions

The Charles and Emma Frye Art Museum

The Tate Gallery

Guide to the Musée d’Orsay

Orsay, a special issue of Connaissance des Arts

Stained Glass in the Burrell Collection   Linda Cannon

The Greatest Glass House—The Rainforests Recreated (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)   Sue Minter

Underground Architecture   David Lawrence

La Cathédrale Saint-Denis   Alain Erlande-Brandenburg

Official Guide: The Palace of Holyroodhouse   Ian Gow

Warwick Castle—A Thousand Years of History in Your Hands   (fancy-shmancy guidebook)

St Paul’s—The Cathedral Guide

St Magnus Cathedral, Orkney   Reverend Harald Mooney

St Michael’s Cathedral—Sitka, Alaska   Reverend A P Kashevaroff

Northwest Coast Indian Art—An Analysis of Form   Bill Holm

Northwest Coast Indian Art catalogue—Seattle World’s Fair   Erna Gunther

Masterpieces of Art catalogue—April 21 to September 4, 1962   Seattle World’s Fair

Cover Stories  Françoise Mouly conversation with Lawrence Weschler (supplement to The New Yorker)

Beardsley   Aileen Reid

Chagall   Artemis Herald

The Life and Works of Gustav Klimt   Nathaniel Harris

Michelangelo   Jesse McDonald

Picasso: The Masterworks   Danièle Boone

The Life and Works of Picasso   Nathaniel Harris

Jan Saudek   Jan Saudek, with essay by Christiane Fricke

Seurat   Pierre Courthion

Seurat (1992 calendar)   The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Skin Deep—The Portraits of Alastair Thain   Alastair Thain

Who’s A Pretty Boy Then?   James Gardiner

Ιστορικη Εικόνα Τησ Ομοφυλοφιλίασ   Γκυ Οκενγκεμ

The Culture of Desire—Paradox and Perversity in Gay Lives Today   Frank Browning

At Home—A Short History of Private Life   Bill Bryson

Nothing Left Over   Toinette Lippe

A Preface to Morals   Walter Lippmann

Please Understand Me—Character & Temperament Types   David Keirsey & Marilyn Bates

Gifts Differing   Isabel Briggs Myers (with Peter B Myers)

When Going to Pieces Holds You Together—You can find healing when you allow yourself to grieve   William A Miller

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2000   Richard Nelson Bolles

Trylon and Perisphere: The 1939 New York World’s Fair   Barbara Cohen, Steven Heller, & Seymour Chwast

The 1939 New York World’s Fair 1939/1940   in 155 Photographs by Richard Wurts and Others; Selection, Arrangement, and Text by Stanley Appelbaum

Expo 58 Album-Souvenir

Seattle World’s Fair Official Guide Book

Century 21—The Story of the Seattle World’s Fair, 1962   Murray Morgan

New York World’s Fair 1964/1965 Official Souvenir Book   Time-Life Books

Expo ’74 World’s Fair Spokane   Dawn Bowers

The Fair and the Falls: Spokane’s Expo ’74—Transforming an American Environment   J William T Youngs

The Image of the World—20 Centuries of World Maps   Peter Whitfield

Couleurs de la Terre—des Mappemondes Médiévales aux Images Satellitales   Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Figures du Ciel—de l’Harmonie des Sphères à la Conquête Spatiale   Marc Lachièze-Rey & Jean-Pierre Luminet/Bibliothèque Nationale de France


Washington State Place Names   James W Phillips

Walla Walla: Portrait of a Western Town 1804–1899   Robert A Bennett

Walla Walla: A Town Built to Be a City 1900–1919   Robert A Bennett

Walla Walla: A Nice Place to Raise a Family 1920–1949   Robert A Bennett

Images of America: Walla Walla   Elizabeth Gibson

Welcome to Walla Walla   Sam McLeod

150 Years a Pioneer—The Unlikely Story of Baker Boyer, Walla Walla, and the Region   Thomas P Skeen with Kelly Black

Seabeck: Tide’s Out. Table’s Set.   Fredi Perry

Sons of the Profits, or There’s No Business Like Grow Business, The Seattle Story 1851–1901   William C Speidel

Shaping Seattle Architecture—A Historical Guide to the Architects   Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

Seattle’s Other History: Our Asian-American Heritage   Edward & Elizabeth Burke

Pigs on Parade Official Guide (2001)

A Field Guide to Seattle’s Public Art   Seattle Arts Commission

Access Guide: Seattle

As It Was: Stories from the History of Southern Oregon and Northern California   Carol Barrett

Eyewitness Travel Guide: San Francisco & Northern California

Eyewitness Travel Guide: Chicago

Washington National Cathedral   The Washington National Cathedral Guidebooks

Spirit of a Native Place—Building the National Museum of the American Indian   Duane Blue Spruce, ed. (with essays by Goerge Horse Capture, W Richard West Jr, Johnpaul Jones, Donna House, Ramona Sakiestewa, Mary Jane Lenz, Liz Hill, John Haworth, and Douglas E Evelyn)

Collins London Street Atlas

Walks in Oscar Wilde’s London   Choral Pepper

The Ancient Monuments of Orkney

Scotland the Worst!   Joan Burnie

Michelin Green Guide: Paris

The Rough Guide: France   Kate Baillie & Tim Salmon

Chartres Cathedral   Malcolm Miller (with photographs by Sonia Halliday & Laura Lushington)

Decouvrir Le Puy-en-Velay   MSM

Michelin Green Guide: Switzerland

Insight Guide: Switzerland

Michelin Green Guide: Québec

Lonely Planet Guide: Canada’s Maritime Provinces   David Stanley

Frommer’s Washington, D.C. 2006


Research #14: Incredibly Strange Music, Volume I

Basic Home Wiring Illustrated   Sunset magazine

Jones & Jones: Ideas Migrate…Places Resonate   Process Architecture magazine #126

Living Places: The Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Jones & Jones   Clair Enlow

ILARIS: The Puget Sound Plan   Grant Jones / Jones & Jones, Jane Amidon (Source Books in Landscape Architecture Series Editor)

The New Solar System   J Kelly Beatty, Brian O’Leary, & Andrew Chaikin, eds.

The Encyclopedia of Gemstones and Minerals   Martin Holden

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Altair Design 3   Ensor Holiday

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Equinox—A Creative Collection, Spring 1996   Wizards of the Coast staff

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Oregon Atlas & Gazetteer   DeLorme

Southwestern British Columbia Road & Recreational Atlas   Informap


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It All Started with Europa   Richard Armour

It All Started with Eve   Richard Armour

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Ladies Almanack   Djuna Barnes

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The Eye of God   Ludwig Bemelmans

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The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of Love   Jill Conner Browne

God Save the Sweet Potato Queens   Jill Conner Browne

The Sweet Potato Queens’ Big-Ass Cookbook and Financial Planner   Jill Conner Browne

The Sweet Potato Queens’ Field Guide to Men   Jill Conner Browne

The Sweet Potato Queens’ Wedding Planner / Divorce Guide   Jill Conner Browne

The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Raising Children for Fun & Profit   Jill Conner Browne

American Thighs—The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets   Jill Conner Browne

Fat Is the New 30—The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Coping with (the crappy parts of) Life   Jill Conner Browne

The Heart to Artemis   Bryher

The Days of Mars—A Memoir 1940–1946   Bryher

Beowulf   Bryher

Visa for Avalon   Bryher


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Plays: 1 (Road • Bed • Two • The Rise and Fall of Little Voice)   Jim Cartwright

The Canterbury Tales   Geoffrey Chaucer

The Tripods   John Christopher

The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill—Visions of Glory, 1874–1932   William Manchester

The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill—Alone, 1932–1940   William Manchester

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Little Me   Patrick Dennis

Genius   Patrick Dennis

First Lady   Patrick Dennis

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Herself Defined   Barbara Guest

Notes on Thought and Vision   H D


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The Conscript, a Story of the French War of 1813   Erckmann-Chatrian (Émile Erckman & Alexandre Chatrian)

The Blockade of Phalsburg, An Episode of the End of the Empire   Erckmann-Chatrian (Émile Erckman & Alexandre Chatrian)

The Plébiscite, or A Miller’s Story of the War: by one of the 7,500,000 who voted “yes”   Erckmann-Chatrian (Émile Erckman & Alexandre Chatrian)

The Invasion of France in 1814   Erckmann-Chatrian (Émile Erckman & Alexandre Chatrian)

My Gorgeous Life   Dame Edna Everage

Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams—The Definitive Biography   Johnny Waller & Steve Rapport

Eurythmics   Tony Jasper


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Paris Journal 1944–1965   Janet Flanner

Janet Flanner’s World—Uncollected Writings, 1932–1975   Janet Flanner

Paris Journal 1965–1971   Janet Flanner

Parade’s End   Ford Madox Ford


7 Plays, Vol. 1: The Ostend Interviews; The Women at the Tomb; Barabbas; Three Actors and Their Drama; Pantagleize; The Blind Men; Chronicles of Hell; Lord Halewyn   Michel de Ghelderode, tr. George Hauger (Lord Halewyn tr. Gerard Hopkins)

Cold Comfort Farm   Stella Gibbons

4 Plays, Vol. 1: Ondine; The Enchanted; The Madwoman of Chaillot; The Apollo of Bellac   Jean Giraudoux, adapted by Maurice Valency)

Faust   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, tr. Walter Kaufmann

The Sorrows of Young Werther   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, tr. Catherine Hutter

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment   Thaddeus Golas

Oil & Gasoline—A Story of Two Survivors   Billi Gordon & Taylor-Anne Wentworth

Shady Lady   Ruth Gordon

Myself Among Others   Ruth Gordon

My Side   Ruth Gordon

An Open Book   Ruth Gordon


I Was Never Here and This Never Happened   Dorinda Hafner

Underfoot in Show Business   Helene Hanff (I have both a 1961/1962 First Edition, with illustrations by Jaf, and a 1980 revised edition; it’s fascinating to compare the two in certain sections)

84, Charing Cross Road / The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street   Helene Hanff

Apple of My Eye   Helene Hanff

Q’s Legacy   Helene Hanff

Letter from New York   Helene Hanff

The Library of Helene Hanff   Stephen R Pastore

A Dance on the High Wire   Jed Harris

Alone—A 4,000 Mile Search for Belonging   Brian Heron

Nutcracker   E T A Hoffman, tr. Ralph Manheim; Maurice Sendak, illus.

Η Ιλιαδα του Ομηρου   Ομηρος (εμμετρη μεταφραση Νικου Καζαντζακη & Ι.Θ. Κακριδη)

The Iliad of Homer   Homer (1951 Richard Lattimore translation)

Η Οδυσσεια του Ομηρου   Ομηρος (εμμετρη μεταφραση του Νικου Καζαντζακη & του Ι.Θ. Κακριδη)

The Odyssey   Homer (1961 Robert Fitzgerald translation)


Berlin Stories   Christopher Isherwood


Elizabeth the Great   Elizabeth Jenkins

Ulysses   James Joyce

Allusions in Ulysses   Weldon Thornton

Nora: The Real Life of Molly Bloom   Brenda Maddox


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The Last Temptation of Christ   Nikos Kazantzakis, tr. P A Bien

Report to Greco   Nikos Kazantzakis, tr. P A Bien

Just So Stories   Rudyard Kipling

Deryni Rising   Katherine Kurtz

Deryni Checkmate   Katherine Kurtz

High Deryni   Katherine Kurtz

Camber of Culdi   Katherine Kurtz

Saint Camber   Katherine Kurtz

Camber the Heretic   Katherine Kurtz

The Bishop’s Heir   Katherine Kurtz

The King’s Justice   Katherine Kurtz

The Quest for Saint Camber   Katherine Kurtz

Deryni Archives   Katherine Kurtz

The Harrowing of Gwynedd   Katherine Kurtz

Deryni Magic   Katherine Kurtz

King Javan’s Year   Katherine Kurtz

The Bastard Prince   Katherine Kurtz

King Kelson’s Bride   Katherine Kurtz

Deryni Tales   Katherine Kurtz, Laura Jefferson, Daniel Kohanski and Jay Barry Azneer, Sharon Henderson, Melissa Houle, Ann W Jones, Lohr E Miller, and Leslie Williams

In the King’s Service   Katherine Kurtz


Classical (Imaginary) Conversations—Greek, Roman, Modern   Walter Savage Landor

A Wizard of Earthsea   Ursula K Le Guin

The Tombs of Atuan   Ursula K Le Guin

The Farthest Shore   Ursula K Le Guin

Tehanu   Ursula K Le Guin

Tales from Earthsea   Ursula K Le Guin

The Other Wind   Ursula K Le Guin

Annie Lennox   Lucy O’Brien

Christ Stopped at Eboli   Carlo Levi

The Chronicles of Narnia   C S Lewis

L’Armoire Magique   C S Lewis, tr. Anne-Marie Dalmais

Out of the Silent Planet   C S Lewis

Perelandra   C S Lewis

That Hideous Strength   C S Lewis

The Ship that Flew   Hilda Lewis

The Fellowship—The Literary Lives of the Inklings   Philip Zaleski & Carol Zaleski

Les Rita Mitsouko—C’est Toujours Comme Ça   Jean-William Thoury

Every Other Inch a Lady   Beatrice Lillie

Breaking the Surface   Greg Louganis (with Eric Marcus)


Out on a Limb   Shirley MacLaine

Eastern Approaches   Fitzroy Maclean

To the Back of Beyond   Fitzroy Maclean

To Caucasus   Fitzroy Maclean

The Blue Bird and The Betrothal   Maurice Maeterlinck

Man Ray: American Artist   Neil Baldwin

Harpo Speaks!   Harpo Marx (with Rowland Barber)

Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series:

Anansi the Spider—A Tale from the Ashanti   Gerald McDermott

Riddle of Stars (trilogy) (1-volume edition)   Patricia A McKillip–a magnificent and beautifully written trilogy, by the way; I cannot praise it enough.

Milosevic, la Diagonale du Fou   Florence Hartmann

Les Gazettes (1923–1945)   Adrienne Monnier

Rue de l’Odéon   Adrienne Monnier

The Very Rich Hours of Adrienne Monnier   Adrienne Monnier, tr. stiffly by Richard McDougall

Bigfoot of the Blues   Vance Orchard

Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere   Jan Morris


Nineteen Eighty-Four   George Orwell

The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen   Wilfred Owen


The Viking Portable Library: Dorothy Parker   Dorothy Parker

Contes   Charles Perrault

From Drags to Riches: The Untold Story of Charles Pierce   John Wallraff

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance   Robert M Pirsig

Le Temps Retrouvé   Marcel Proust


Zizi dans le Métro   Raymond Queneau


The Westing Game   Ellen Raskin

Good Night, Gorilla   Peggy Rathmann

All Quiet on the Western Front   Erich Maria Remarque, tr. A W Wheen

Pilgrimage   Dorothy Richardson

Toits Pointus   Dorothy Richardson (traduction française de Marcelle Sibon)

Notes on Pilgrimage (Dorothy Richardson Annotated)   George H Thomson

Reader’s Guide: Pilgrimage   George H Thomson

Duino Elegies   Rainer Maria Rilke, tr. Edward Snow

The Complete French Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke   Rainer Maria Rilke, with tr. by A Poulin, Jr

Jitterbug Perfume   Tom Robbins

“I’m Not Making This Up, You Know”   Anna Russell

The Anna Russell Song Book   Anna Russell


Courrier Sud   Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Vol de Nuit   Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Le Petit Prince   Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince   Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Catcher in the Rye   J D Salinger

The War Poems   Siegfried Sassoon

The Heart of Midlothian   Walter Scott

Le Petit Nicolas   Sempé-Goscinny

Where the Wild Things Are   Maurice Sendak

Max et les Maximonstres   Maurice Sendak

The Tale of Genji   Murasaki Shikibu, tr. Edward G Seidensticker

Bread and Wine   Ignazio Silone, tr. Harvey Fergusson II

Our Hearts Were Young and Gay   Cornelia Otis Skinner & Emily Kimbrough

Sondheim & Co.—The Authorized, Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Making of Stephen Sondheim’s Musicals (Second Edition)   Craig Zadan

Finishing the Hat—Collected Lyrics (1954–1981 with Attendant Comments, Principles, Heresies, Grudges, Whines, and Anecdotes   Stephen Sondheim

Look, I Made a Hat—Collected Lyrics (1981–2011 with Attendant Comments, Amplifications, Dogmas, Harangues, Digressions, Anecdotes, and Miscellany   Stephen Sondheim

Three Lives   Gertrude Stein

Operas & Plays   Gertude Stein

Paris France   Gertrude Stein

Picasso   Gertrude Stein

The Third Rose—Gertrude Stein and Her World   John Malcolm Brinnin

Gertrude Stein In Words and Pictures   Renate Stendhal

Poems   Wallace Stevens

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: A Life in Music—A Memoir   Dave Stewart


All the Things We Were: A scrapbook of the people, politics, and popular culture in the tragi-comic years between the Crash and Pearl Harbor   Louise Tanner

Midnight at the Palace—My Life as a Fabulous Cockette   Pam Tent

Tito   Fitzroy Maclean

The Hobbit   J R R Tolkien

Bilbo le Hobbit   J R R Tolkien, tr. Francis Ledoux

The Lord of the Rings (trilogy)   J R R Tolkien

Le Seigneur des Anneaux (trilogy)   J R R Tolkien, tr. Francis Ledoux

The Silmarillion   J R R Tolkien

Journeys of Frodo—An Atlas of J R R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings   Barbara Strachey

War and Peace   Leo Tolstoy, tr. Constance Garnett

La Goutte d’Or   Michel Tournier


Berlin Diaries   Marie Vassiltchikov

Baroness Elsa [autobiography]   Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven (ed. D O Spettigue and Paul I Hjartarson)


“Oh Yes, You CAN!”   Dolores Klinsky Walker n.b. This is my mother’s account of being afflicted with polio when she was 13 years old.

The Once and Future King   T&H White

Night   Elie Wiesel

The Enthusiast: A Life of Thornton Wilder   Gilbert A Harrison

Das Energi   Paul Williams

The Painted Word   Tom Wolfe

As Rome Burns   Alexander Woollcott


Wixom Family History   compiled by J H Wixom and Ruth S Widdison n.b. This branch of my family has been in North America since 1630 and is documented back to at least the 1300s.

Wixom Family History Supplement   compiled by Ruth S Widdison


Beowulf and Other Old English Poems   tr. Constance B Hieatt

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight   tr. Burton Raffel

Edda   Snorri Sturluson, tr. Anthony Faulkes

The Viking Portable Library: Medieval Reader

The Viking Portable Library: North American Indian Reader

The Oxford Book of English Verse (1250–1918)  ed. Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

The Little Review Anthology   ed. Margaret Anderson

A Subtreasury of American Humor   ed. E B White & Katharine S White

The Pessimist’s Journal   ed. Jess Brallier & Richard P McDonough

Bad Trips   ed. Keath Fraser

A Queer Reader—2500 Years of Male Homosexuality   ed. Patrick Higgins


SLA Industries (sourcebook)   Nightfall Games

SLA Industries: Karma (sourcebook)   Nightfall Games

AD&D: Players Handbook—Compiled Information for Players and Dungeon Masters   Gary Gygax

D&D: Player’s Handbook   Wizards of the Coast

AD&D: Dungeon Master’s Guide—Essential Reference Information for Gamemastering Advanced D&D   Gary Gygax

D&D: Dungeon Master’s Guide   Wizards of the Coast

D&D: Monster Manual   Wizards of the Coast

AD&D: Legends & Lore   James Ward (with Rob Kuntz)


Teach Yourself Arabic   J R Smart

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Arabic Script   John Mace

201 Arabic Verbs Fully Conjugated In All the Forms   Raymond Scheindlin

Arabic Practical Dictionary   Nicholas Awde & Kevin Smith

Teach Yourself Bulgarian   Michael Holman & Mira Kovatcheva

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Chinese Script   Elizabeth Scurfield & Song Lianyi

Colloquial Chinese   Kan Qian

Understanding Chinese   Rita Mei-Wah Choy

Chinese Characters—Their Origin, Etymology, History, Classification, and Signification   Dr L Wieger, SJ

Colloquial Czech   James Naughton

Teach Yourself Finnish   Terttu Leney

Look and Learn French   Anna Balakian

Master the Basics: French   Christopher Kendris

Bonjour, Ça Va? An Introductory Course

Conversation in French—Points of Departure   Peter Bonnell & Frank Sedwick

L’Art de la Conversation   Yvone Lenard

Standard French Grammar   W H Fraser, J Squair, & David Hobart Carnahan

A French Review Grammar   Boyd G Carter & Charles G Rowe

501 French Verbs Fully Conjugated   Christopher Kendris

Petit Robert Dictionnaire de la Langue Française

Collins Robert French Dictionary

A Dictionary of Colorful French Slanguage and Colloquialisms   Etienne & Simone Deak

Merde!   Geneviève

Merde Encore!   Geneviève

Let’s Parler Franglais!   Miles Kington

French for Cats   Henri de la Barbe (Henry Beard)

Advanced French for Exceptional Cats   Henri de la Barbe (Henry Beard)

Wicked French   Howard Tomb

Sept-d’un-Coup   Otto F Bond

Teach Yourself Gaelic   Boyd Robertson & Iain Taylor

Gaelic Workbook   James S Adams

Cassell’s German-English English-German Dictionary   Harold T Betteridge, M.A., Ph.D.

501 German Verbs Fully Conjugated   Henry Strutz

Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage   Martin Durrell

German: How to Speak and Write It   Joseph Rosenberg

Wicked German   Howard Tomb

Deutsch für Ausländer   Hermann Kessler

German—Introductory Series (ITM 30-306)   War Department (24 June 1943)

German Coursebook & Dictionary   Random House Living Language series

Langenscheidt’s German-English/English-German Dictionary   Pocket Books

Colloquial Greek   Niki Watts

Wicked Greek   Howard Tomb

Oxford Pocket Greek Dictionary

Greek: A New and Simple Approach for Those Who Want to Read Greek Literature   F Kinchin Smith & T W Melluish

Teach Yourself Modern Hebrew   Shula Gilboa

Colloquial Hungarian   Jerry Payne

Language/30: Hungarian   Educational Services Teaching cassettes

Teach Yourself Icelandic   P J T Glendening

Teach Yourself Italian   Lydia Vellaccio & Maurice Elston

Wicked Italian   Howard Tomb

Mondadori’s Italian-English/English Italian Dictionary   Pocket Books

501 Italian Verbs Fully Conjugated   John Colaneri & Vincent Luciani

A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters   Kenneth G Henshall

Berlitz Japanese Phrase Book & Dictionary

Wicked Japanese   Howard Tomb

Colloquial Korean   In-Seok Kim

Latin: A Complete Course for Beginners   F Kinchin Smith

Wheelock’s Latin   Frederick M Wheelock

Workbook for Wheelock’s Latin   Paul T Comeau & Richard A LaFleur

501 Latin Verbs Fully Conjugated   Richard E Prior and Joseph Wohlberg

The New College Latin & English Dictionary   Bantam Books

Amo, Amas, Amat and More—How to Use Latin to Your Own Advantage and to the Astonishment of Others   Eugene Erlich

The Highly Selective Thesaurus and Dictionary for the Extraordinarily Literate   Eugene Erlich

Gardener’s Latin: Discovering the Origins, Lore, & Meanings of Botanical Names   Bill Neal

Latin for the Illiterati   Jon R Stone

Colloquial Latvian   Christopher Moseley

Teach Yourself Norwegian   Margaretha Danbolt Simons

Colloquial Polish   B W Mazur

Teach Yourself Romanian   Dennis Deletant & Yvonne Alexandrescu

Russian for Beginners   Charles Duff & Dmitri Makaroff

Russian As We Speak It   S. Khavronina (Серафима Алексеевна Хавронина)

Oxford Pocket Russian Dictionary

Teach Yourself Serbo-Croat   David Norris

Colloquial Spanish   Untza Otaola Alday

501 Spanish Verbs Fully Conjugated   Christopher Kendris

Wicked Spanish   Howard Tomb

Harper Collins Spanish Concise Dictionary Plus Grammar

Teach Yourself Living Welsh   T J Rhys Jones

Idiom’s Delight—Fascinating Phrases and Linguistic Eccentricities (Spanish, French, Italian, Latin)   Suzanne Brock

The Complete Patter   Michael Munro

A Load of Cockney Cobblers   Bob Aylwin

More How To Speak Southern   Steve Mitchell

Ferhoodled English—A Collection of Quaintly Amusing Expressions Heard Among the Pennsylvania Dutch Folks   Conestoga Crafts

Alpha to Omega: The Life & Times of the Greek Alphabet   Alexander & Nicholas Humez

A B C Et Cetera: The Life & Times of the Roman Alphabet   Alexander & Nicholas Humez

Zero to Lazy Eight: The Romance of Numbers   Alexander & Nicholas Humez

Latin for People • Latina pro Populo   Alexander & Nicholas Humez


The Gallery of Regrettable Food   James Lileks

The Official Boy Scout Handbook, 9th Edition

Cheerleading and Songleading   Barbara Egbert

Beauty Trends, Vol. 8 No. 1, introducing Dolly Parton Wigs   Revlon

The Christian Mother Goose Book   Marjorie Ainsborough Decker

I Gotta Be Me   Tammy Bakker (with Cliff Dudley)

Run to the Roar—The Way to Overcome FEAR   Tammy Bakker (with Cliff Dudley)

30 Days to Healthy Hair   Julie Davis

The Power and Beauty of Superb Womanhood—How They Are Lost

and How They May Be Regained and Developed to the Highest Degree of Attainable Perfection   Bernarr MacFadden

Sex Without Fear   S A Lewin & John Gilmore

Discotheque Dances   Dick Blake

Joys of Jell-O

The New Joys of Jell-O Recipe Book


Uncle Shelby’s A B Z Book   Shel Silverstein

How To Massage Your Cat   Alice M Brock

Cooking for Nitwits   Rosemary Wells and Johanna Hurley (photographs by Barbara Olcott and featuring Lee Bryant [she who gets repeatedly shaken and slapped in Airplane])

Is Martha Stuart Living?   Tom Connor & Jim Downey

Martha Stuart’s Better Than You at Entertaining   Tom Connor & Jim Downey

Martha Stuart’s Excruciatingly Perfect Weddings   Tom Connor & Jim Downey

The Definitive Biography of PDQ Bach   Peter Schickele

Color Me Macho…Or Don’t Color Me At All!   Carl Franz

N’Heures Souris Rames—The Coucy Castle Manuscript   Ormonde de Kay

Mörder Guss Reims—The Gustav Leberwurst Manuscript   John Hulme

Guillaume Chequespierre and the Oise Salon   John Hulme

Billi Gordon’s “You’ve Had Worse Things in Your Mouth” Cookbook   Billi Gordon

Eat This Book: The Last Diet Book   Billi Gordon

Your Moon Is in Aquarius But Your Head Is in Uranus   Billi Gordon

The Official Dr Science Big Book of Science Simplified!   Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre (Dan Coffey, Merle Kessler, et al)

I Gotta Go—The Commentary of Ian Shoales   Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre (Merle Kessler et al)

What Would Betty Do? How to Succeed at the Expense of Others in This World and the Next   Mrs Betty Bowers (Paul A Bradley)

How to Regain Your Virginity (and 99 Other Recent Discoveries About Sex)   Patricia Marx & Charlotte Stuart

Love’s Reckless Rash   Rosemary Cartwheel

Not The Bible   Tony Hendra & Sean Kelly

Roseanne Roseannadanna’s “Hey, Get Back To Work!” Book   Alan Zweibel & Gilda Radner

Plain Jane Works Out   Linda Sunshine

The McWilliams II Word Processor Instruction Manual   Peter A McWilliams

C D B!   William Steig

C D C?   William Steig

Bored of the Rings   The Harvard Lampoon

Fold a Banana (and 146 Other Things to Do When You’re Bored)   Jim Erskine & George Moran

Throw a Tomato (and 151 Other Ways to Be Mean and Nasty)   Jim Erskine & George Moran

Lie Down and Roll Over (and 159 Other Ways to Say I Love You)   Jim Erskine & George Moran

The Illustrated Winespeak—Ronald Searle’s Wicked World of Winetasting   Ronald Searle

Mad Libs 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition   Roger Price & Leonard Stern

Great Theatrical Disasters   Gyles Brandreth

All Time Great Bloopers   Kermit Schafer

Cleans & Dirtys   Shelley Berman

101 Uses for a Dead Cat   Simon Bond

How to Talk to Your Cat about Gun Safety (and Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives)   The American Association of Patriots [Zachary Auburn]

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night   Scott Rice

Son of It Was a Dark and Stormy Night   Scott Rice

Bride of Dark and Stormy   Scott Rice

It Was a Dark & Stormy Night: The Final Conflict   Scott Rice

The Best of Bad Hemingway, Vols. 1 & 2

Instant Sourdough   Larry Kaniut

Seattle Graffiti—An Off-the-Wall Collection   Bob Sheffels

5,000 One and Two Liners for Any and Every Occasion   Leopold Fechtner

“I Really Didn’t Say Everything I Said”—The Yogi Book   Yogi Berra

Food Play   Saxton Freymann & Joost Elffers

Chocolate: The Consuming Passion   Sandra Boynton

Don’t Let the Turkeys Get You Down   Sandra Boynton

The Neurotic’s Handbook   Charles A Monagan

“And God Bless Uncle Harry and His Roommate, Jack, Who We’re Not Supposed to Talk About”   Christopher Street magazine cartoons

The Gay Cliché, or How to Be a Homosexual Guy and Still Maintain Some Slight Degree of Individuality   Tony Lang

So You Want to Be a Lesbian?   Liz Tracey & Sydney Pokorny

College Parodies   Will & Martin Lieberson, eds.

The Brothers MAD

MAD Strikes Back!


The Uncensored MAD

MAD Clowns Around

MAD About the Buoy

Son of MAD

MAD In Orbit

Like, MAD

The MAD Frontier

MAD Power

A MAD Guide to Fraud & Deception #7

Heathcliff, Wanted   George Gately

TV Jokes   Will Eisner & Keith Diazun, eds.

Pardon Me Roy, & Other Groaners—A Compendium of Punny Parables   Robert C Cumbow

The Life and Hard Times of Heidi Abromowitz   Joan Rivers

The Penguin Feiffer   Jules Feiffer

Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl   Jules Feiffer

30 Years of Private Eye Cartoons

The Best of Private Eye: 1994

The Best of Private Eye: 1995

The Best of Private Eye: 1996

The Best of Private Eye: 1998

The Best of Private Eye: 1999

The Best of Private Eye: 2000

The Best of Private Eye: 2003

Private Eye: Colemanballs 12

Private Eye: Colemanballs (2002 pamphlet)

Craig Brown’s Imaginary Friends—Private Eye Parodies 2000–2004   Craig Brown

The New Yorker 1955–1965 Album


Always Postpone Meetings with Time-Wasting Morons   Scott Adams

Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies   Scott Adams

Dogbert’s Clues for the Clueless   Scott Adams

Shave the Whales   Scott Adams

Bring Me the Head of Willy the Mailboy   Scott Adams

It’s Obvious You Won’t Survive By Your Wits Alone   Scott Adams

Still Pumped from Using the Mouse   Scott Adams

Fugitive from the Cubicle Police   Scott Adams

Casual Day has Gone Too Far   Scott Adams

I’m Not Anti-Business, I’m Anti-Idiot   Scott Adams

Journey to Cubeville   Scott Adams

Honni Soit Qui Stock-Option   Scott Adams

Don’t Step in the Leadership   Scott Adams

Dilbert Gives You the Business   Scott Adams

Random Acts of Management   Scott Adams

Excuse Me While I Wag   Scott Adams

When Did Ignorance Become a Point of View?   Scott Adams

The Dilbert Principle   Scott Adams

Dogbert’s Top-Secret Management Handbook   Scott Adams

Dogbert—Méthodes Ultra Secrètes pour Diriger une Entreprise   Scott Adams

The World of Charles Addams   Charles Addams

Fox Trot   Bill Amend

Pass the Loot   Bill Amend

Black Bart Says Draw   Bill Amend

Bury My Heart at Fun-Fun Mountain   Bill Amend

Say Hello to Cactus Flats   Bill Amend

May the Force Be With Us, Please   Bill Amend

Take Us To Your Mall   Bill Amend

JumpStart—A Love Story   Robb Armstrong

JumpStart   Robb Armstrong

Little Dee volumes 1, 2, 3, & 4   Chris Baldwin

Peter Arno   Peter Arno

The Desert Peach: Politics, Pilots, and Puppies (#4, #5, & #6)   Donna Barr

The Desert Peach: A Fine Line (#27)   Donna Barr

Girls and Boys   Lynda Barry

Big Ideas   Lynda Barry

Think Good Thoughts about a Pussycat   George Booth

License to Dream   Pat Brady

Rose Is Rose—15th Anniversary Collection   Pat Brady

The Irresistible Rose Is Rose   Pat Brady

Rose Is Rose—Running on Alter Ego   Pat Brady

Bloom County   Berke Breathed

’Toons for Our Times   Berke Breathed

Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things   Berke Breathed

Billy and the Boingers—Bootleg   Berke Breathed

Tales Too Ticklish to Tell   Berke Breathed

The Night of the Mary Kay Commandos   Berke Breathed

Happy Trails!   Berke Breathed

Politically, Fashionably, and Aerodynamically Incorrect   Berke Breathed

His Kisses Are Dreamy…   Berke Breathed

One Last Little Peek, 1980–1995   Berke Breathed

Do Not Disturb Any Further   John Callahan

Garfield: Faut pas s’en faire   Jim Davis

Amphigorey   Edward Gorey

Amphigorey Too   Edward Gorey

Amphigorey Also   Edward Gorey

Ernie Out of Control   Bo Brace

Love Is Hell (autographed for me with the touching boy-bunnies!!)   Matt Groening

School Is Hell   Matt Groening

Work Is Hell   Matt Groening

Akbar & Jeff’s Guide to Life   Matt Groening

How to Go to Hell   Matt Groening

Ma, Can I Be a Feminist and Still Like Men?   Nicole Hollander

Ten Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Years with Pogo   Walt Kelly

Pogo: Romances Recaptured   Walt Kelly

Pogo Revisited   Walt Kelly

The PreHistory of The Far Side   Gary Larson

Cows of Our Planet   Gary Larson

Absent & Accounted For   Lou Myers

The Dance of the Seven Veals   Kevin Pope

Rubes: Calves Can Be So Cruel   Leigh Rubin

Peanuts: A Golden Celebration   Charles M Schulz

Incroyable Snoopy   Charles M Schulz

Snoopy Prend la Tangente   Charles M Schulz

Quomodo Invidiosulus Nomine Grinchus Christi Natalem Abrogaverit   Dr Seuss

Fox in Socks   Dr Seuss

Green Eggs and Ham   Dr Seuss

Happy Birthday to You!   Dr Seuss

The Doonesbury Chronicles   Garry Trudeau

Mort Walker’s Private Scrapbook   Mort Walker

Calvin and Hobbes   Bill Watterson

Something Under the Bed Is Drooling   Bill Watterson

Yukon Ho!   Bill Watterson

Weirdos from Another Planet!   Bill Watterson

The Revenge of the Baby-Sat   Bill Watterson

Scientific Progress Goes “Boink”   Bill Watterson

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes   Bill Watterson

It’s a Magical World   Bill Watterson

Bad News—The Best of Esquire Magazine’s Dubious Achievements 1961–1984


MAD About the Fifties

MAD About the Sixties

MAD About the Seventies

MAD About the Eighties

Good Days and MAD   Dick DeBartolo

The Golden Age of Children’s Television   Geoff Tibballs

Absolutely Fabulous   Jennifer Saunders

Absolutely Fabulous 2   Jennifer Saunders

Absolutely Fabulous: Continuity   Jennifer Saunders

Saturday Night Live

Sesame Street Unpaved   David Borgenicht

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Book)

Chuck Amok—The Life and Times of an Animated Cartoonist   Chuck Jones

Bewitched Forever—The Immortal Companion to Television’s Most Magical Supernatual Situation Comedy [Anniversary Edition, 2004]   Herbie J Pilato


Assassins   Stephen Sondheim & John Weidman

Cloud 9   Caryl Churchill

The Country Wife   William Wycherley

84, Charing Cross Road   Helene Hanff & James Roose-Evans

El Grande de Coca-Cola   Ron House, John Neville-Andrews, Alan Sherman, Diz White, & Sally Willis

A Family Outing / Not My Son   Dolores Klinsky Walker

The Foreigner   Larry Shue

Gemini   Albert Innaurato

Greater Tuna   Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, & Ed Howard

Hair   Gerome Ragni & James Rado

Letting Down My HAIR   Lorrie Davis (with Rachel Gallagher)

Harold and Maude   Colin Higgins

Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety   Mel Brooks

I Am Curious (Yellow)   Vilgot Sjöman

Jeffrey   Paul Rudnick

Rock Opera   Ellis Nassour & Richard Broderick

Juliet of the Spirits   Federico Fellini

The Me Nobody Knows   Stephen M Joseph

Moose Murders   Arthur Bicknell

Noises Off   Michael Frayn

The Norman Conquests   Alan Ayckbourn

The Real Inspector Hound   Tom Stoppard

The Ritz   Terrence McNally

The Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Novel   Richard J Anobile, Ed., Screenplay by Jim Sharman & Richard O’Brien, Introduction by Sal Piro

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead   Tom Stoppard

1776   Peter Stone and Sherman Edwards

The Skin of Our Teeth   Thornton Wilder

Sunday in the Park with George   Stephen Sondheim & James Lapine

Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street   Stephen Sondheim & Hugh Wheeler

“What’s Up, Doc?”   Carole Smith


Seagram’s Bartending Guide

The Bartender’s Standard Manual   Fred Powell

Just Cocktails   W C Whitfield

Bistro Cooking   Patricia Wells

Patricia Wells at Home in Provence   Patricia Wells

The French Kitchen Cookbook   Patricia Wells

Trattoria   Patricia Wells

The Greek Cookbook   Sophia Skoura

Greek Cooking in an American Kitchen   St Demetrios Church Cookbook Committee, Seattle, Washington

The Classic Italian Cook Book   Marcella Hazan

We Called It Macaroni   Nancy Verde Barr

Paris Is a Nice Dish   Osborne Putnam Stearns

Dining with the Impressionists   Jocelyn Hackforth-Jones

Bocuse’s Regional French Cooking   Paul Bocuse

The Escoffier Cook Book   Auguste Escoffier

Saveur Cooks Authentic French   Saveur magazine

The Food and Cooking of Russia   Lesley Chamberlain

Russian Regional Recipes   Susan Ward

The Balkan Cookbook   Vladimir Mirodan

Jewish Cookery   Leah H Leonard

From the Lands of Figs and Olives   Habeeb Salloum & James Peters

A Book of Middle Eastern Food   Claudia Roden

Cuisine Pied-Noir   Irène et Lucienne Karsenty

A Taste of Africa   Dorinda Hafner

The Cooking of Japan   Rafael Steinberg and the Editors of Time-Life Books

The Supermarket Epicure   Joanna Pruess

The Surreal Gourmet   Bob Blumer

Beans   W Park Kerr

A Taste of Seattle   Margo Jacobsen

I transcribed this collection of 1970s recipes from Seattle restaurants, although this PDF is not a facsimile edition. Of these, definitely the Space Needle’s Chicken Neptune is the recipe I most often use, whether to prepare the dish itelf or to adapt its flavor combinations (cayenne + brandy + celery = quite handy).

The Alaska Distillery Cookbook   with the Flying Chef Mark J Bly

Ideas & Recipes for Breakfast & Brunch   Sunset magazine

The New Good Housekeeping Cookbook [1963 edition]   Good Housekeeping magazine

From Julia Child’s Kitchen   Julia Child

Two Fat Ladies—Gastronomic Adventures [with Motorbike and Sidecar]   Jennifer Paterson & Clarissa Dickson Wright

The Two Fat Ladies Ride Again   Jennifer Paterson & Clarissa Dickson Wright

The Two Fat Ladies: Full Throttle   Jennifer Paterson & Clarissa Dickson Wright

Two Fat Ladies: Obsessions   Jennifer Paterson & Clarissa Dickson Wright

Eyewitness Handbooks: French Cheeses   Kazuko Masui and Tomoko Yamada

The Wordsworth Dictionary of Culinary & Menu Terms   compiled by Rodney Dale


Aftonen (Evening) (SATB Arrangement)   Hugo Alfvén (text by Norman Luboff)

El Vito   arr. Laurindo Almeida

Choro e Batuque   arr. Laurindo Almeida

Sapo Na Toca   arr. Laurindo Almeida

Bia-Ta-Ta   arr. Laurindo Almeida

Benedicto Pretinho   arr. Laurindo Almeida

A Dormir Ahora Mesmo   arr. Laurindo Almeida

The Little Music Book of Anna Magdalena Bach (Piano Solo)   Johann Sebastian Bach

Beethoven: His Greatest Piano Solos Vol. I   Ludwig van Beethoven

Chopin: His Greatest Piano Solos   Frederick Chopin

Chopin: His Greatest Piano Solos Volume II   Frederick Chopin

Sonatinas For the Piano, Op. 36, 37, 38   Muzio Clementi

Debussy: His Greatest Piano Solos   Claude Debussy

Children’s Corner (Urtext Edition)   Claude Debussy

Images (1st Series for Piano Solo)   Claude Debussy

Complete Preludes (Books 1 and 2)   Claude Debussy

La Mer (Dover Miniature Scores)   Claude Debussy

Prélude à “L’après-midi d’un Faune” & Trois Nocturnes (Dover Miniature Scores)   Claude Debussy

Romanian Rhapsodies (Nos. 1 and 2 in Full Score)   George Enescu

The Great Songs of George Gershwin   George Gershwin

Preludes for Piano   George Gershwin

Rhapsody in Blue: Two Pianos—Four Hands (Original)   George Gershwin

Grieg: His Greatest Piano Solos   Edvard Grieg

Peer Gynt (Suites Nos. 1 and 2 in Full Score)   Edvard Grieg

The Messiah   G F Händel

The Seasons   Joseph Haydn

And He Shall Purify   Michael O Jackson

2 Sonatinas   Lockrem Johnson

Sea Pieces, Op. 55; New England Idyls, Op. 62, For the Piano   Edward MacDowell

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter: A Treasury of Cole Porter, Volume 1   Cole Porter

My Heart Belongs to Daddy (for SSA Voices and Piano with Optional Instrumental Accompaniment)   Cole Porter (arranged by Kirby Shaw)

Piano Masterpieces of Maurice Ravel   Maurice Ravel

La Valse (in Full Score)   Maurice Ravel

Kaddisch (Mélodie Hébraïque) (Transcription pour Piano par A Ziloti)   Maurice Ravel

Le Tombeau de Couperin (Suite pour piano)   Maurice Ravel

Gaspard de la Nuit (3 Poèmes pour piano d’après Aloysius Bertrand)   Maurice Ravel

Miroirs   Maurice Ravel

Sonate Posthume pour violon et piano   Maurice Ravel

The Christmas Gift (Suite of 14 Pieces for Childrens [sic], for Piano Solo)   Vladimir Rebikoff (Wladimir Rébikow)

Gymnopédies, Gnossiennes, and Other Works for Piano   Erik Satie

Album for the Young (For the Piano), Op. 68   Robert Schumann

(The Original “Pine Top”) Boogie Woogie   Clarence “Pine Top” Smith

Sketches in Color: Seven Pieces for Piano, Set One   Robert Starer

Till Eulenspiegel (Op. 28) [score]   Richard Strauss

The Rite of Spring (Dover Miniature Scores)   Igor Stravinsky

Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (for Piano Solo)   Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky

Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (in Full Score)   Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky

Sonatinas by Haydn, Beethoven, Clementi, Salutrinskaya, and Others, Volume A   selected and edited by Denes Agay

Easy Classics to Moderns, Volume 17 Music for Millions Series   compiled and edited by Denes Agay

Piano Literature of the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries, Books 3–4a–4b   Frances Clark Library for Piano Students

Intermediate C • Program 2   Irl Allison Piano Library

Preparatory D • Program I  Irl Allison Piano Library

An Anthology of Piano Music, Volume IV: The Twentieth Century (A Repertory of Piano Works by Major Composers of Our Time   selected and edited by Denes Agay

10 Chansons Françaises, Tome 1 (de 1866 à 1962, du “Temps des cerises” à “Et Maintenant”)

Old English Worthies   Alec Rowley, ed.

The Road Goes Ever On—A Song Cycle (Second Edition Revised, 1978)   music by Donald Swann, Poems by JRR Tolkien

Songs of the Pogo   Walt Kelly with Norman Monath

Sing Along with Jack—Hit Songs from the New Frontier   Milton M Schwartz — I have scanned my copy of this and made a PDF (size 18Mb) of it, so if you’d like to see some satirical songs about the Kennedy administration and family circa 1962–3, you may download it here.

Chess (Selections)   Tim Rice, Benny Andersson, and Björn Ulvaeus

A Chorus Line (Vocal Score)   Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban

Company (Vocal Selections)   Stephen Sondheim

Free To Be…You and Me   Marlo Thomas and friends

Godspell (Vocal Score)   Stephen Schwartz (“By My Side” by Jay Hamburger and Peggy Gordon)

Jesus Christ Superstar (Piano Vocal Musical Excerpts & Complete Libretto)   Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

The Music Man (Piano Conductor and Vocal Score)   Meredith Willson

Really Rosie   Carole King

The Sesame Street Song Book   Joe Raposo and Jeffrey Moss

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band   (songs by The Beatles, but this book is of the ghastly 1978 film)

The Up With People Song Book, Vol. 8   edited by Herbert Allen and Dr Marshall Cartledge

The Wiz—Vocal Selections   arranged by Michael Scott/Jerry Mascaro

Vocal Selections from “Zorbá”   Fred Ebb and John Kander

Savage   Eurythmics

We Too Are One   Eurythmics

Diva   Annie Lennox

Medusa   Annie Lennox

The Dave Stewart Songbook—The Stories behind the Songs, Volume One   David A Stewart

Bohemian Rhapsody   Queen

Jazz   Queen

Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits   Simon & Garfunkel

The Words, Music, & Picture Book   Simply Red


Design Study: The Art of Aldus FreeHand

HTML: The Complete Reference (Second Edition)   Thomas A Powell

HTML: Programmer’s Reference   Thomas A Powell and Dan Whitworth

HTML Sourcebook (Third Edition): A Complete Guide to HTML 3.2 and HTML Extensions   Ian S Graham

Practical Unix   Steve Moritsugu & DTR Business Systems, Inc

The Digital Rebel Digital Field Guide   Charlotte K Lowrie