The Lexicon of Love


1982/1996: Mercury 514 942-2

  1. Show Me
  2. Poison Arrow
  3. Many Happy Returns
  4. Tears Are Not Enough
  5. Valentine’s Day
  6. Look of Love (Part One)
  7. Date Stamp
  8. All of My Heart
  9. 4 Ever 2 Gether
  10. Look of Love (Part Four)
  11. Tears Are Not Enough Demo
  12. Poison Arrow Jazz Remix
  13. Look of Love 1990 Remix
  14. Alphabet Soup 12" Mix
  15. Theme from Mantrap
  16. Look of Love Live

Deliciously ’80s. “All of My Heart” and the introduction to “Date Stamp” make this album a long-time favorite of mine. It sounds like such a tremendous amount of work went into making the album, and that is actually unusual for me to like. I guess it catches me because of the combination of the audio combinations that just work so well and the fact that all the craftsmanship didn’t sound as labored as, say, Jethro Tull. Peter Gabriel seems to work his albums to death in this same manner but somehow makes it sound natural; this one is borderline and therefore full of tension.