How to Be a…Zillionaire!


1985: Mercury 824-904-2

  1. Fear of the World
  2. Be Near Me
  3. Vanity Kills
  4. Ocean Blue
  5. 15 Storey Halo
  6. A to Z
  7. How to Be a Millionaire
  8. Tower of London
  9. So Hip It Hurts
  10. Between You & Me
  11. Fear of the World In Cinemascope
  12. Be Near Me Munich Disco Mix
  13. How to Be a Millionaire Bond St Mix
  14. Vanity Kills The Abigail’s Party Mix

This one’s just fun. My friend Tobey made sure I’d never forget this album by giving me a charming visual/gesture one time for Eden’s “kiss my snatch” line in “A to Z” during a drinking game. I actually like “Be Near Me,” despite its being a hit, probably because of its oddly sad chord sequences and of course the closing call-and-response of “What’s your reputation? / Ecstasy / What’s your destination? / Next to me,” which brings back marvelous memories of the blinding, thrilling delights of flirtation and erotic conquest.