After the Heat

Eno   Moebius   Roedelius

1978: Gyroscope GYR 6621-2

  1. Foreign Affairs
  2. The Belldog
  3. Base & Apex
  4. Tzima N’arki
  5. Luftschloß
  6. Oil
  7. Broken Head
  8. Light Arms
  9. The Shade
  10. Old Land

You’re right in thinking that’s the wrong cover for this album; apparently there was a mixup at the CD assembly plant, because this was the cover that was on the CD when I bought it many years ago.

The main reason I have this is “Broken Head,” which was used fairly well by choreographer Mary Grden in a dance concert I lit with my friend Rob back in college—the first time either of us had lit dance, by the way, and it was a fascinating (if bumpy) kickoff to what became a joy. I actually find most of this CD hard to concentrate on or even to actually listen to, as tracks wander in and out of my attention, with the exception of “Tzima N’arki (on which the vocal is Brian Eno singing his “King’s Lead Hat,” played backward).

The names on this album, especially Conny Plank and Holger Czukay, certainly ring some bells for anyone who’s familiar with Eurythmics’s early experimentation phase.

As an afterthought to my attribution of how this album entered my life, I must note that choreographers have been responsible for a significant amount of music that I was not only exposed to but found as compelling as they did. Several items in my library are fiercely held/obtained rarities that I was introduced to via Dance, and I cherish every one of them to this day.