1999: Mercury 5380842

  1. C’est Gai
  2. Lirrili
  3. Dis-moi pourquoi
  4. Tourra Tourra One
  5. Les mots bleus
  6. Allah Ya Moulena
  7. Karma Karma
  8. Eight o’Clock
  9. L’inconditionnel amour
  10. Men Jibb! Kala
  11. Habibi
  12. My Man
  13. Dis-moi pourquoi Hip-Hop Remix

By the time I had her previous two albums I was ready to take on more of Amina’s work on the “collect the whole set” principle; I even rented and watched the film The Advocate (The Hour of the Pig, outside the US) because I hoped her appearance in that would give me a taste of her voice in context (it did, somewhat, but unfortunately it mainly featured her tits). Thankfully this third CD stays in my collection on its own merits. It’s fun and bizarrely diverse, from the literally tribal (“Tourra Tourra One”) to a truly out-of-the-blue cover of “My Man” (in English). “Eight O’Clock” deserves special note as a lovely and imaginative track (“He looks like a lover, but he lies like a little little boy…”).