Big Science

Laurie Anderson

1982: Warner Bros 3674-2

  1. From the Air
  2. Big Science
  3. Sweaters
  4. Walking & Falling
  5. Born, Never Asked
  6. O Superman (For Massenet)
  7. Example #22
  8. Let X = X
  9. It Tango

People who don’t rate “O Superman” as one of the most sublime musical creations ever made confuse me. But on the other hand that’s a good indication of what music they’ll like for their birthdays. “Walking and Falling” is a “gimme” track for me—I’ve always loved it. “Sweaters” cracks me up but there are times when I like it and times when I don’t get into the fun of it. Actually that’s true of most of this album. Ideally I sit down and listen to most of it on headphones when I’m certain not to be interrupted.