Home of the Brave

Laurie Anderson

1986: Warner Bros 9 25400-2

  1. Smoke Rings
  2. White Lily
  3. Late Show
  4. Talk Normal
  5. Language Is a Virus
  6. Radar
  7. Sharkey’s Night
  8. Credit Racket

After “O Superman,” this was my introduction to Laurie Anderson. I know, I know, it wasn’t the right way to do things, but it wasn’t intentional. Specifically I saw the film first and immediately got the soundtrack album, notably for “Radar,” “White Lily,” “Late Show,” “Sharkey’s Night,” and “Credit Racket.” As you can see, that leaves only a few tracks…and I love them too. Missing is the concert version of “Sharkey’s Day,” which was great fun. The concert film was also my introduction to Adrian Belew, who struck me as being terribly sexy, and I got his album Mr Music Head” partly as a result of this.