Anyone Can Whistle

Original Broadway Cast

1963/2003: Sony Classical/Columbia/Legacy SK 86860

    Act I

  1. Prelude
  2. Me and My Town
  3. Miracle Song
  4. There Won’t Be Trumpets
  5. Simple

    Act II

  6. Come Play Wiz Me
  7. Anyone Can Whistle
  8. A Parade in Town
  9. Everybody Says Don’t

    Act III

  10. I’ve Got You to Lean On
  11. See What It Gets You
  12. The Cookie Chase
  13. With So Little to Be Sure Of

    Previously Unreleased Demo Tracks

  14. I’m Like the Bluebird
  15. The Lame, the Halt, and the Blind
  16. Come Play Wiz Me
  17. Anyone Can Whistle
  18. With So Little to Be Sure Of

Something I didn’t know about this album until I saw a 2012 video of Angela Lansbury talking about doing the show is that it was recorded the day after the show closed—a trait it shares with the more famously situated Merrily We Roll Along.