The Shouting Stage

Joan Armatrading

1988: A&M CD 5211 DX 003416

  1. The Devil I Know
  2. Living For You
  3. Did I Make You Up
  4. Stronger Love
  5. The Shouting Stage
  6. Words
  7. Straight Talk
  8. Watch Your Step
  9. All a Woman Needs
  10. Dark Truths

I was first given a cassette copy of this by my Ex around the time the album came out, and it still holds a definite lock on that time in my mind. Why it’s so hard to find a copy of it on CD, I do NOT know. The title song and “Words” are a little close to the bone for me but extremely good songs, and “Straight Talk” is just a gas. The whole album carries a feeling of the heat of that Seattle summer, the apartment where I lived, the sunsets, everything. It’s a dangerous listen that way.