Australian Percussion

Michael Askill

1991: Celestial Harmonies 13085-2

  1. Omphalo Centric Lecture
  2. Lemurian Dances
  3. Marimba Dances
  4. How the Stars were Made
  5. Fabian Theory
  6. White Knight and Beaver

On occasion I visit my parents, in Walla Walla; during a remarkable number of these visits I have had tastes of music of terrific quality which I’ve then spent ages hunting for. Usually these are due to their local NPR station, thanks to which I’ve added maybe a dozen albums to my collection after stopping midway through the living room upon hearing a little of the music and remaining motionless until the track was over so I could write down the artist/recording info and find a copy for myself when I got back to Seattle.

This was one of those albums, and the track was Ross Edwards’s “Marimba Dances.” I also love Nigel Westlake’s “Omphalo Centric Lecture” and “Fabian Theory,” and Martin Wesley-Smith’s “White Knight and Beaver” is growing on me with repeated listenings.