Good Stuff

The B-52’s

1992: Reprise W2 26943

  1. Tell It Like It T-I-Is
  2. Hot Pants Explosion
  3. Good Stuff
  4. Revolution Earth
  5. Dreamland
  6. Is That You Mo-Dean?
  7. The World’s Green Laughter
  8. Vision of a Kiss
  9. Breezin’
  10. Bad Influence

Some songs on this were as good as anything on Cosmic Thing, but I hear a few missed opportunities amid the grooves. I really get into most of this album, though, especially “Dreamland” and “Tell It Like It T-I-Is.” Cindy Wilson’s absence was notable, but thankfully when they put out their greatest hits package recently they included two new songs, both with her back on board, so I have hope for the future.