The B-52’s

1983: Warner Bros 9 23819-2

  1. Legal Tender
  2. Whammy Kiss
  3. Song for a Future Generation
  4. Butterbean
  5. Trism
  6. Queen of Las Vegas
  7. Moon 83
  8. Big Bird
  9. Work That Skirt

Despite the fact that it’s missing the wonderful “Don’t Worry” of the original vinyl version (substituting a still-fun track called “Moon 83” based on “There’s a Moon in the Sky”), this is totally classic B-52’s stuff, a mix of goofy and danceable. As with most of their albums, there are a few tracks that have just never quite “worked” for me—in this case “Queen of Las Vegas” and “Big Bird”—but the hours I’ve spent tearing up the floor to “Work That Skirt,” “Butterbean,” and “Whammy Kiss” more than make up for this. Also, the first of their electronic tinkering can be heard here.