Bashung [Master Serie]

Alain Bashung

1991: PolyGram 826 797-2

  1. Gaby Oh Gaby
  2. Te Revoir
  3. What’ in a Bird
  4. Milliards de Nuits dans le Frigo
  5. Horoscope
  6. Station Service
  7. Scenes de Manager
  8. Squeeze
  9. Elsass Blues
  10. C’est la Faute à Dylan
  11. Vertige de l’Amour
  12. Pas Question que J’Perde le Feeling
  13. Bijou Bijou
  14. Elegance
  15. Imbecile
  16. J’envisage
  17. Reviens Va-T’en

I got this while I was still searching for a copy of Bashung’s Novice, and although it didn’t have the song I had originally sought it did have an odd array of stuff I’d never have heard otherwise, some good and some just “HUH???” so I kept it. “Pas Question que J’Perde le Feeling” cracks me up, and I can’t quite decide whether “Milliards de Nuits dans le Frigo” is supposed to be sad or funny, which means I like it both ways.