Alain Bashung

1989/1992: PolyGram/Barclay 517 248-2

  1. Pyromanes
  2. Résidences
  3. Légère Éclaircie
  4. Alcaline
  5. Tu M’as Jeté
  6. Elle Fait l’Avion
  7. Bombez!
  8. Intrépide Malgré la Fièvre
  9. Étrange Été
  10. Outrage (Instrumental)
  11. By Proxy
  12. Bombez! (Version 92)
  13. Climax 4 (Instrumental)

The other radio station that’s introduced me to a lot of music is Radio Nova, a Parisian radio station I first heard while I was there in 1989. I taped an hour or so of stuff directly from the radio so I would have a mental bookmark to remind me of what to look for later, and I cherish that bit of tape still. Bashung’s voice isn’t my cup of tea, generally, but “Pyromanes” was what got me to check him out after I heard it on Radio Nova and said “WOW, what IS this??” Finding a copy of “Novice” took seemingly forever, as apparently it’s not a popular album in his extensive catalog. That’s too bad: “Étrange Été” and “Tu m’As Jeté” are terrific, and most of the rest of the album is really good too.