Introducing the Beers Family

1960: Columbia Masterworks MS 6705
CD release 2016: Sony Music Entertainment

  1. Molly Ban
  2. Dumbarton’s Drums
  3. The Brave Volunteer
  4. Dev’lish Mary
  5. Lullaby to Martha
  6. The Connaughtman’s Rambles
  7. The Water Is Wide
  8. A Starry Night to Ramble (Kisses and Love)
  9. The Old Woman Went to the Well
  10. The Green Grass of Shiloh
  11. The Lass from the Low Countree
  12. Speed the Plow
  13. The Palace Grand
  14. Mattie Groves

When Sony issued this on CD, in 2016, they didn’t go to any more effort than ensuring a clean audio transfer and scanning the cover…which I thought was rather stingy of them, so I decided to go the extra mile for whoever might encounter this page. So you can download the album’s liner notes, laid out in booklet form, via this link: