Walkie in the Parlor

Fiddler Beers and Evelyne

1960: Folkways Records FA 2376
CD issue 2007: Smithsonian Folkways Archival FA 2376

  1. The Leatherman
  2. The Lark in the Morn
  3. Walkie in the Parlor
  4. Hindside Before
  5. My Las’ Ride Comin’ on the Heavenly Train
  6. Return from the Deep
  7. The Sailor Boy
  8. Sulphur Molasses
  9. The Old Soldier
  10. Old Jim Gray
  11. Johnny Came A-Courtin’
  12. Lord Randall
  13. The Wandering Jew
  14. The Big Mud Turtle
  15. The Castle Grand
  16. The Little Red Lark of the Mountain

When the Smithsonian issued this on CD, in 2007, they semi-helpfully made available on their website a PDF of the original liner notes. But they didn’t go to any more effort than that, which I thought was rather stingy of them, so I decided to go the extra mile for whoever might encounter this page. You can download the album’s liner notes as a PDF, laid out in booklet form, via this link: