Big Time Sensuality


1993: Elektra 66242-2

  1. Big Time Sensuality LP Version
  2. Sídasta Ég
  3. Glóra
  4. Come to Me—Black Dog Productions
  5. Big Time Sensuality The Fluke Minimix

The “Fluke Minimix” is the version used in Björk’s quirky/entertaining video for “Big Time Sensuality” (in which she’s dancing around on a flatbed truck driving around what appears to be Manhattan Island). I too almost prefer the video mix to the original…it’s a tough call, as they’re both quite good; the former has a slight edge over the latter in that it’s more dramatic and expansive, but the former’s more immediate sound is slightly more attractive.

I’ve never known what to make of the other three tracks on this single. Perhaps that’s why I’m not a bona fide Björk fan, raving about everything she does and records: some of her work just completely eludes me and leaves me blinking in surprise at being so unmoved by it. Sometimes I wish I were a full-on gonzo Björker, because then I would undoubtably host a fan website called “If It Ain’t Björk, Don’t Fixate,” but alas it is not so.