I Miss You CD 1


1997: Elektra 194TP7CD

  1. I Miss You
  2. I Miss You Dobie Pt 2
  3. I Miss You Darren Emerson
  4. Karvel Graham Massey

“I Miss You” is a fun song (with a matchingly wacky video) but perhaps isn’t improved by these further iterations. The Dobie mix suffers from a rap break and is therefore just about impossible for me to listen to; the Darren Emerson one’s better and brings ’90s dancefloor memories to mind but doesn’t really go anywhere (it is a bit prance-y, with shades of RuPaul’s “Supermodel Of the World” album).

“Karvel” however is worth the price of the CD. Even though it’s sung in Icelandic and doesn’t even have the lyrics printed here, it’s both catchy and groovy. Upon sniffing out the lyrics (and translation) online I found that it’s also as nearly-accessible-but-not-quite as Björk’s lyrics usually are, so no surprise there, just more to mull over. But the production/mix is yummy and her vocal is quite stirring and subtly strong.