The Age of Consent

Bronski Beat

1984: London/Forbidden Fruit 820 171-2

  1. Why?
  2. Ain’t Necessarily So
  3. Screaming
  4. No More War
  5. Love & Money
  6. Smalltown Boy
  7. Heatwave
  8. Junk
  9. Need a Man Blues
  10. I Feel Love
    Johnny Remember Me


  11. Smalltown Boy Full 12" Version
  12. Why? Full 12" Version

I’ve had this CD since probably the mid-1990s and had the LP before that, but it was never because I was a Bronski Beat fan or even had heard their stuff on radio. It was (and is) entirely because the track “Love and Money” was used to subtle-yet-solid effect in the film Parting Glances. The setting of that scene was innocuous enough, but by using that track as sonic framing the narrative of the film subtly interwove nuances of flirtation with overtones as two of the main characters (one of the focal couple and one seeking an inroad on that relationship’s disruption) first cross paths. The general sound of that track, especially its opening, has remained as a manifestation of gay relationships in my mind ever since, in a way.