Bugs Bunny On Broadway

The Warner Bros. Symphony Orchestra
George Daugherty conducting

1991: Warner Bros./Merrie Melodies 9 26494-2

  1. Overture—Merrie Melodies Main Title Music
  2. This Is a Life   1955 [original]
  3. High Note
  4. What’s Up, Doc?   1950 [original]
  5. Baton Bunny
  6. The Rabbit Of Seville
  7. Act II Entr’acte
    Excerpt from Long Haired Hare and Merrie Melodies Main Title Music
  8. A Corny Concerto
  9. Long-Haired Hare   1949 [original]
  10. What’s Opera, Doc?
  11. Merrie Melodies Closing Theme
    “That’s All Folks”

As soon as I get my hands on a proper CD release of the actual soundtracks from the cartoons involved here, this puppy will be up for grabs as a freebie to whoever wants it. I have it only because of the original recordings; the “newly recorded” tracks are alienatingly clean to the point of sanitized and utterly devoid of soul and depth. But hey, if you want it, it’s yours for the asking. Seriously.