Kate Bush

1978: EMI Manhattan CDP 7 46065 2

  1. Symphony In Blue
  2. In Search of Peter Pan
  3. Wow
  4. Don’t Push Your Foot On the Heartbrake
  5. Oh England My Lionheart
  6. Fullhouse
  7. In the Warm Room
  8. Kashka from Baghdad
  9. Coffee Homeground
  10. Hammer Horror

Although this album suffers terribly from an overload of Kate’s super-pouty enunciation and ridiculous soprano range, it has some fine songs and lovely instrumental arrangements. Glass-miniature pieces like “Oh England My Lionheart” and “In the Warm Room” make for an interesting contrast beside “Don’t Push Your Foot On the Heartbrake” and “Hammer Horror.” Between those extremes lie “Hammer Horror” and “Fullhouse,” both leaning toward the rockier tracks but lushly cinematic in their storytelling and composition.

“In the Warm Room” transfixes me, has me staring at nothing as I listen for each new slow twist of melody and lyric; its delicately erotic territory is not my native ground, shall we say, yet Kate tantalizes without teasing, and it’s hard to be unmoved by the cumulative effect. This recording also sounds like a side door to a bunch of the B-sides included on the singles disc of her “This Woman’s Work” box set, although many of those have a slightly more polished sound.

And of course there’s “Coffee Homeground,” which is just silly. I mean that in a good way, of course.