Guitar Passion


1994: Universal Wave UW1214-2

  1. Caliente / Hot
  2. Burbujas / Bubbles
  3. Fantasía / Fantasy
  4. Luna Clara / Clear Moon
  5. Tu Calor / Your Body Heat
  6. La Segadora y El Carretero / The Harvester & The Wagon Men [Medley]
  7. Seducción / Seduction
  8. Sueños de España / Dreams of Spain
  9. Leyenda / Legend
  10. Romance de Amor / Romance of Love

When a coworker spotted this CD in my hand as I was unwrapping it from its packaging, she hesitantly asked “Does that say what I think says?” The look of comic skepticism on her face said it all: Charo??? After I laughingly explained that I got it to hear for myself Charo’s reputed flamenco-guitar proficiency, she said “she’s such a goofball, I forget that she actually does have some talent….”

I’m not so keen on the synth stabs-’n’strings which unnecessarily clutter a handful of tracks here, and Charo’s vocals are a little fuzzy (whether that’s a recording flaw or a mix misstep, I don’t know…I do know that Spanish Spanish should be much clearer than this, and hers actually is), but the instrumental tracks amply compensate for those questionables. And a big thank-you to whoever’s responsible for ALL the liner notes and lyrics being presented in both Spanish and English!