Russian Cossack Music from the Urals

Conductor: Michael Minsky

1990: Delta Music/Laserlight 15 345

  1. Prayer Litany
  2. The Lord’s Prayer
  3. To You We Sing
  4. Praise the Name of the Lord
  5. In the Mercy
  6. To Love’s Might I Pray
  7. For Many a Year
  8. Oh, You Lanes
  9. The Lonely Bell
  10. I Met Her
  11. The Legend of Ataman Stenka Rasin
  12. Song of the River Dnjepr and Song of the Volga Boat Men
  13. Kalinka
  14. Evening Bells
  15. Sledge from Moscow

I didn’t think I’d ever have reason to comment on this CD, but I was just listening to it in mid-2010, probably a decade or so after having bought it, and for the first time I was struck by just how arbitrary this choir’s pitch is. Some of the chords contain off-key notes that make my Western ear wince and my hand jump to skip tracks. But as a “cultural document” and a collection of Russian choral pieces it’ll retain a home in my collection despite that.