Marlene Dietrich In London

Marlene Dietrich

1965: Pye Records/DRG 13110

    Recorded live at the Queen’s Theatre, 12 December 1964

  1. I Cant’t Give You Anything But Love
  2. The Laziest Gal in Town
  3. Shir Hatan
  4. La Vie En Rose
  5. Jonny
  6. Go ’Way From My Window
  7. Allein In Einer Grossen Stadt
  8. Lili Marlene
  9. Das Lied Ist Aus (Frag’ nicht warum ich gehe)
  10. Lola
  11. I Wish You Love
  12. Marie Marie
  13. Honeysuckle Rose
  14. Falling In Love Again

Dietrich can be polarizing: people tend to either love her insanely or detest her or be completely unaware of her. I’m somewhere on the love side of the first two stances.

I think a lot of that has to do with the few contexts in which we get to encounter Dietrich: The Blue Angel, World War II troop-boosting appearances, some films in which she displays mixed ability but usually at least intensity, and then this last-hurrah round of concerts with Burt Bacharach as her musical director. The last is not her greatest form, by any means, but it still shows Dietrich as she chose to present herself at that time, and that is wherein value should be gleaned here.