Dimitri from Paris

1996: Yellow Productions 0630-17832-2

  1. Prologue
  2. Sacre Français
  3. Monsieur Dimitri Joue du Stylophone
  4. Nothing to Lose
  5. Un Termede
  6. Reveries
  7. Attente Musical
  8. Dirty Larry
  9. Free Ton Style
  10. Un Terlude
  11. Une Very Stylish Fille
  12. Un Woman’s Paradis
  13. La Rythme et le Cadence
  14. Le Moogy Reggae
  15. Encore un Terlude
  16. Un World Mysteriouse
  17. Par un Chemin Different
  18. Nothing to Lose [Lounge Instrumentale]
  19. Epilogue

“I am…a very stylish girl.” I was sold on the album the first time I heard that track. But what was even funnier, to me, was that it was followed with “Un Woman’s Paradis,” which takes its title from a line used throughout the song…but the line in question is one I recognized immediately as being from the faboo tacky film Vegas In Space, which I have and love. You GO, Miss Captain Tracy Daniels!