My Breasts Are Out Of Control

Dos Fallopia

1992/2004: Tongueinchic Records TIC 2459 (originally TIC 300)

  1. Mud: The Sister Song
  2. Definition: Equal Rights
  3. Fran and Annie’s 12-Step Day Care
  4. Definition: Pro Choice
  5. The Spudds: The Great American Lover Drives a Truck
  6. Spudd Family Gospelleers: Singin’ Backup for Jesus
  7. Definition: Lesbian
  8. A Camp Song
  9. Definition: Birth Control
  10. Mud: Requiem For Flame
  11. Kate and Ethel: Surf’s Up!
  12. Definition: Mutual Orgasm
  13. The Privacy Song
  14. Definition: Masturbation
  15. The Surly Bitches In Concert: Now She Wants To Move In
  16. My Breasts Are Out Of Control
  17. Cross Dress For Less
  18. A Womanly Song
  19. Devil’s Washboard
  20. Matches Made In Heaven
  21. Gravity Blues

Woo-hoo!!! Lisa’s put it out on CD! “Breasts” is (are?) out! I can sing along with all the classics—especially the title track, which is entirely too catchy (I have found myself singing it on my bikeride home from the office…and I’m male!). I just got this (late June 2005) and will have to give it several plays-through before I can say more than “YAY!” here, but for the moment I can simply say that when I first heard “Cross Dress For Less” I ended up giggling at such a high pitch that probably every dog in a 2-mile radius was reacting.

Dos Fallopia, incidentally, are Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt: individually they are two of Seattle’s most wonderful comedians (and have been for the past two decades, amazingly enough), and together they’re almost too much to take without a prescription, even if you know what you’re in for when you experience them (especially live). Four of their many paired characters are presented here via individual songs: The Surly Bitches (Red & Spike), The Spudds (Euomi & Wynotta), Mud (Compost Morningdew & Dolphinfree Tunawomon*), and Fran & Annie (of Fran & Annie’s Round-the-Corner Wee Tot Inner-Child 12-Step Daycare).

*  For the record, Lisa’s website ( lists their names as Compost Morning Dew and Dolphin-Free Tuna Woman. While I completely concede to Lisa’s naming convention, I personally “hear” (and prefer) the spelling I’ve used, especially the “womon” part.