What Is Beat?

The English Beat

1983: IRS CD70040

  1. Mirror in the Bathroom
  2. Twist & Crawl
  3. Tears of a Clown
  4. Can’t Get Used to Losing You remixed
  5. Doors of Your Heart
  6. What’s Your Best Thing?
  7. Hit It
  8. Save It for Later 12" version
  9. Best Friend
  10. I Confess
  11. Too Nice to Talk to
  12. Get a Job live
  13. Stand Down Margaret live

Generally I wouldn’t include this CD in my collection of reviews, as it’s mostly a greatest-hits kind of package, but it did break the mold by including a few B-sides and live versions in addition to the long version of “Save It for Later” (the “Can’t Get Used to Losing You ” extension is negligible). Most important are the three B-sides: “Too Nice to Talk to,” “What’s Your Best Thing,” and “Hit It” (an inimitible paeon to masturbation, featuring the chorus which begins “Autoerotic / Well you could not be in better hands / Autoerotic / When it comes down to love you please yourself”).