Cass Elliot

Cass Elliot

2000: BMG/RCA BVCM-37159

  1. I’ll Be Home
  2. Baby I’m Yours
  3. Jesus was a Cross Maker
  4. That Song
  5. When It Doesn’t Work Out
  6. I’ll Be There
  7. Disney Girls
  8. I Think It’s Going to Rain Today
  9. Cherries Jubilee
  10. All in the Game

Wanna get maudlin and cry your eyes out? This is a great album for it. I used to listen to my friend Keith’s vinyl album of this and get fantastically depressed; in fact at one low point in the late 1980s this was one album I played over and over again while playing a solitaire variation on Canfield I developed (doubling the deck but not the playing field) called “Suicide Solitaire.” Wanna know the rest of that story? I actually wrote a brief poem about it much later.

“Cherries Jubilee” in particular is a heart-wrencher. I wish I could sum it up here in one pithy phrase, but only hearing Cass’s presentation of the song will do.