Evocations: The Poet

David Pereira, cello, & David Bollard, piano

1992: Tall Poppies TP010

  1. Melody [Melodia]

    Pál Járdányi

  2. Larghetto

    Erland von Koch

  3. Eclogue, op. 41, no. 1

    A Walter Kramer

  4. Variations on a Slovak Theme

    Bohuslav Martinu

  5. Silent Woods, op. 68, no. 2

    Antonin Dvořák

  6. Minstrel’s Song, op. 71

    Alexander Glazunov

  7. Serenade, op. 98

    Gabriel Fauré

    Suite Espagnole

    Joaquin Nin

  8. Vieille Castille
  9. Mercienne
  10. Asturiana
  11. Andaluza


  12. Caprice

    Frederick Delius

  13. Elegy

    Frederick Delius

  14. Sonatina

    Zoltán Kodály

  15. Arioso

    Ferenc Farkas

This CD contains the only recording of Járdányi’s exquisite “Melodia” that I know of being commercially released; I have loved that piece since my cellist friend Lucy brought it to me (as her accompanist), saying “this is gorgeous, we HAVE to play it!” I cherish the cassette I have of us performing it in her Senior Recital, although we took it a little slowly and there were a few missed notes (but only a few): it’s a tremendous but brief melodrama of Eastern-European intensities and odd harmonies that still haunts me. The recording here is pretty good but again not quite perfect…there’s just some little element of performance magic missing, so you can hear how beautiful the piece is as written but you might not be swooning over it as Lucy and I were in playing it.