Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

1982: WEA International WPCR-10562

  1. Hunger Pains
  2. Life in Motion
  3. Nice Girls
  4. More Hopeless Knowledge
  5. Progress Ahead
  6. Physical Attraction
  7. Time Flys
  8. On the Mend

Ah, the sound of the summer of 1982…forever captured in the amber of the song “Nice Girls.” I will never forget the feel of those summer nights as we worked through the night on the set of a local outdoor production of “The Music Man,” with the radio tuned to the only station that had anything interesting to listen to.

But of course this album exists quite independently of my own personal memories, so I’ll start by celebrating that it exists at all and can be found on CD if you know where to look and don’t mind paying through the snoot for a copy. Both this album and their followup, Shakespeare Stole My Baby, are available at least via Japanese pressings, although even those seem to be rare. I suppose if you know that you love the albums, it’s worth it to pay the price, but I can’t guarantee that you’d love them if you hadn’t heard them before.

Eye to Eye were a collaboration of a British guy (Julian Marshall) and an American woman (Deborah Berg); I don’t recall where I read this, years ago, but I recall learning that she was from Seattle and that their musical partnership got its start when there was a power failure or sound malfunction at a dance production she was in and in order for the show to continue she simply sang the music. What his role in this was, I don’t remember, sorry. But it’s a nice story, anyway.