Flappers, Vamps and Sweet Young Things

1982: ASV Mono/Living Era CD AJA 5015

  1. I’m Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now

    Jane Green with the Victor Orchestra directed by Nat Shilkret, 18 February 1927

  2. Am I Blue?

    Libby Holman with the Brunswick Studio Orchestra, July 1929

  3. Dangerous Nan McGrew

    Helen Kane with the Victor Orchestra directed by Leonard Joy, 12 July 1929

  4. Maybe, Who Knows?

    Kate Smith with The Harmonians directed by Ben Selvin, 12 July 1929

  5. Do Do Do

    Gertrude Lawrence with piano accompaniment by Tom Waring, 29 October 1926

  6. The Blues Have Got Me

    Marion Harris with Carl Fenton and his Orchestra, November 1924

  7. A New Kind of Man, With a New Kind of Love For Me

    Blossom Seeley with The Georgians directed by Frank Guarente, 10 May 1924

  8. Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone

    Mildred Hunt with Studio Orchestra, c. June 1931

  9. I’ll Get By, As Long As I Have You

    Aileen Stanley with the Victor Orchestra directed by Leonard Joy, 7 January 1929

  10. Why Am I So Romantic?

    Lilian Roth wih the Paramount Studio Orchestra, 1930

  11. You Wouldn’t Fool Me, Would You?

    Annette Hanshaw with the Columbia Studio Orchestra, 15 March 1929

  12. If Your Kisses Can’t Hold the Man You Love

    Sophie Tucker with the Winter Gardens Theatre Orchestra directed by Sydney Baynes, piano by Ted Shapiro, October 1930

  13. Red Hot Mama

    The Brox Sisters with piano accompaniment by Arthur Johnston, 4 October 1924

  14. Moanin’ Low

    Lee Morse with her Blue Grass Boys, 24 July 1929

  15. It All Belongs To Me

    Ruth Etting with piano accompaniment by Rube Bloom, 30 August 1927

  16. Blues In My Heart

    Greta Keller with Decca Studio Orchestra, 5 October 1931

  17. Do Something

    Zelma O’Neal with Al Goodman and his Orchestra, April 1929

  18. You Remind Me of a Naughty Springtime Cuckoo

    Helen Morgan with piano accompaniment by Leslie Hutchinson [‘Hutch’], June 1927

  19. Red Hot Henry Brown

    Margaret Young with the Brunswick Studio Orchestra, c. February 1926

  20. Ya Gotta Know How To Love

    Esther Walker with the Brunswick Studio Orchestra, June 1926