Night of Short Lives

Frame Cut Frame

1994: Sub Rosa SR53

  1. Lust for a Stranger
  2. Raindance Evocation / Approaching Hegyeshalom
  3. I Wish He’d Teach Me That Raindance
  4. Don’t Wake Mother 1
  5. Night of Short Lives
  6. Don’t Wake Mother 2
  7. Where’s Fido?
  8. Resonance
  9. Don’t Wake Mother 3
  10. Chosen Nostalgias
  11. Homophobia

I hunted down this CD after being fascinated by its music as used in the short film Resonance (included in the collection Boys’ Shorts). In the video the track “Night of Short Lives” is featured beautifully, really beautifully, as the music for the boxing/intertwining/interacting choreography of the latter half of the film. As I recall, the film is Australian, whereas the Frame Cut Frame musicians are Belgian, so I’m curious about how this collaboration came about at all. Perhaps the opening and closing tracks are clues.