Gay American Composers, Volume 2

1997: Composers Recordings Inc. CRI CD 750

    Henry Cowell

  1. Aeolian Harp
  2. The Banshee
  3. The Lilt of the Reel


    Harry Partch

  4. Ulysses at the Edge of the World


    Samuel Barber

    Excursions for Piano
  5. I. Un poco allegro
  6. II. In slow blues tempo
  7. III. Allegretto
  8. IV. Allegro molto


    Marc Blitzstein

    Concerto for Piano & Orchestra
  9. I. Moderato molto


    Aaron Copland

    Sonata for Violin & Piano
  10. I. Moderate tempo


    Virgil Thomson

    Symphony No. 3:
  11. I. Allegro moderato
  12. II. Tempo di valzer


    Ben Weber

  13. String Quartet No. 2, Op. 35


    John Cage

  14. Ryoanji (excerpt)


    Alwin Nikolais

    Electronic Dance Music
  15. Frail Demons: Dance 1
  16. Tribe: Dance 2


    John Cage

  17. Sonata XIII (from Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano)

This one I got for the Samuel Barber “Excursions,” which I heard playing one day at Tower Records (on the Ave), upstairs in the Classical section; it was so beautiful, the blues section in particular, that I just stood there pretending to look at CDs or magazines or whatever just so I could hear it through to the end. Robert Cummings has written a very nice succinct description of the “Excursions” for the All Music Guide, describing the second movement well as being “confident in its nonchalance and stop-and-start gait.” Now that I think of it, in some ways that reminds me of Robin Vote (of Djuna Barnes’s novel Nightwood).

I’m not fond of most of the rest of this album, so I don’t play it often…“modern” compositions tend to sound overly intellectualized and not particularly musical, to me.