Gothic Voices: The Spirits of England and France, Volume V
Missa Veterem hominem—An anonymous English Mass setting from c1440

Gothic Voices
directed by Christopher Page

1997: Hyperion CDA66919

    Missa Veterem hominem and other fifteenth-century English music

  1. Jesu, fili virginis
  2. Doleo super te
  3. Gaude Maria virgo
  4. Deus creator omnium
  5. Kyrie: Deus creator omnium (Missa Veterem hominem)
  6. Gloria (Missa Veterem hominem)
  7. Jesu salvator
  8. Credo (Missa Veterem hominem)
  9. A solis ortus
  10. Sanctus and Benedictus (Missa Veterem hominem)
  11. Salvator mundi
  12. Agnus Dei (Missa Veterem hominem)
  13. Christe, qui lux es
  14. To many a well
  15. Sancta Maria virgo
  16. Mater ora filium
  17. Ave maris stella
  18. Beata mater

    John Dunstable

  19. Pange lingua