1994: Deconstruction 74321 22718-2

  1. Wake Up
  2. Rollercoaster
  3. Swamp Thing
  4. Throb
  5. Rise
  6. Shapes of Sleep
  7. Higher Peaks
  8. Texas Cowboys
  9. Spin Cycle
  10. Golden Dawn

“Texas Cowboys” was my introduction to this album, and this “group” (?), while I was in Glasgow on a work assignment in 1994. I was watching some late-night BBC show, momentarily, in which they had a camera crew going around to various London dance clubs to film a little of the scene there. And at one club “Texas Cowboys” was playing, the dancers were in an intense frenzy to its swift machinery, and I locked onto that target completely. I suppose they must have shown onscreen what track was playing, because I don’t recall having to hunt much for its name, and a day or two later I’d tracked down a copy in some tiny Glaswegian record shop.

When I was about to return to the U.S., a stateside coworker all but begged me to get a copy of the very same CD for him, plus a couple of extra copies for friends, because “Swamp Thing” was enjoying a streak of popularity in West Coast clubs. So the album seems to have yielded two hits.

Beyond those two (and “Texas Cowboys” is the better of them, btw), the album’s tracks are mostly very agreeable. It’s house music, so there’s really not much to say about them, as they’re just rhythm-and-pattern-rich excuses to dance like a speed freak, but at least the songs are distinct enough that you can tell one from another. “Golden Dawn,” the album’s closer, very slowly grew on me…I don’t actually care for the operatic baritone singing, it’s the ambiance and patterns that make me play it repeatedly; alas, the answering-machine message tacked onto the end of this track make it impossible to simply put the track on Endless Repeat Play and drift off into a trance.