Päkkos Gustaf och Ole Hjorth

1996: GIGA GCD-28

  1. Bingsjö Waltz
  2. Hjortingen’s Polska
  3. The 10 Crown Polska
  4. Polska
  5. Marching Tune
  6. Norrbommen’s Polska
  7. Målargubben’s Bridal Polska
  8. Polska
  9. Skänklåt
  10. Polska
  11. The Journey Home from the Timber Forest
  12. Bridal Polska
  13. Polska
  14. Waltz
  15. Devil’s Polska
  16. Shepherd Tune Polska
  17. Love Song
  18. Skäklåt
  19. Pekkos Per’s Grand Polska
  20. Hjortingen’s March
  21. Bridal March
  22. Little Polska
  23. Polska
  24. Polska
  25. Pekkos Per’s Bridal March
  26. Polska
  27. The Crying Tune

I got this CD because Ole Hjorth had performed a hypnotically pattern-shifting track called simply “Vals” with the fiddler Björn Stäbi which appeared on a Nonesuch Explorer sampler LP called Dances of the World. I figured it would be of the same ilk, which it is, but none of the tracks here has quite the dizzying seduction that “Vals” did.