Haas • Krása: String Quartets / Streichquartette

Hawthorne String Quartet

1993: London/Polygram 440 853-2

    Pavel Haas   1899–1944
    String Quartet No. 2 “Z opičích hor,” op. 7 (1925)
    From the Monkey Mountains / Aus dem Affengebirge

  1. I.   Andante “Krajina”
    Landscape / Landschaft
  2. II.   Andante “Kočá, kočí a kůň”
    Horse, cart, and driver / Pferd, Kutsche, und Kutscher
  3. III.   Largo e misterioso “Měsíc a já”
    The Moon and I / Der Mond und Ich
  4. IV.   Vivace e con fuoco—Andante—Tempo I “Divá noc”
    A Wild Night / Eine wilde Nacht

    String Quartet No. 3, op. 15 (1938)

  5. I.   Allegro moderato
  6. II.   Lento, ma non troppo e poco rubato
  7. III.   Thema con variazioni e fuga: Con moto—Allegro vivace

    Hans Krása   1899–1944
    String Quartet (1921)

  8. I.   Moderato
  9. II.   Prestissimo—Molto calmo—Volgare
  10. III.   Molto lento e tranquillo

This CD is a bit of an enigma to me, as part of my library, because I recall only that I obtained it after encountering Haas’s tantalizing “From the Monkey Mountains” track on a Decca-label compilation CD with the theme or title of “Entarte Musik” but mysteriously no longer have the initiating CD in my collection! Perhaps I found the rest of its contents unengaging once I’d bought this CD for that one track; I really don’t recall, and that surprises me…usually I remember stuff like that, and the historian in me would very rarely jettison such contextually rich material.