Wave on the Moor

Mohammad Haghighi

2002?: Al Segno as 2002 2

    Part One

  1. Adagio
  2. Largo
  3. Alegro
  4. Trio
  5. Moderato
  6. Tasnif
  7. Alegro
  8. Adagio
  9. Alegro

    Part Two

  10. Nagmeh
  11. Sedasaz
  12. Baran
  13. Tschaharmezrab
  14. Farag

Until I’ve had a chance to really explore and get to know this fascinating orchestral suite, I’m going to merely quote the liner notes, because they tell more succinctly what someone reading this page might want to know about the album (which I notice is incorrectly detailed on many websites, notably www.amazon.com and www.allmusic.com).

Music for String Orchestra and Iranian Ensemble
Composed/Arranged by Mohammad Haghighi
Dedicated to Hossein Alizade

M Haghighi was inspired to write Wave on the Moor as a result of conversations had with his friend, the poet B Keshmiripour, about the latter’s book of verse Wave on the Moor, the song of the poet Molawi born some 800 years ago.

“Proceeding from the classical tradition of Iranian music, the work is strongly influenced by European music, particularly in its instrumentation, which consists of a group of European string instruments along with a traditional Iranian ensemble. Wave on the Moor was produced from the combination of 8 different pieces of music.

The content of each piece is a reflection of various images that have developed in a musical form. And yet the different parts are not simply juxtaposed in numerical form, but have developed into a totality throught the repetition of themes. Thus one has the feeling when listening to Wave on the Moor of a lot of rivulets flowing together to become one raging torrent.

“A painful voice that seems to be the foundation for a weak heartbeat, timorous truth of an active presence on the stage of life, tries at any moment to create a new possibility through fear and hope.” (M Haghighi)