I Love You Avenue

Nick Heyward

1988: Reprise 925 758-2

  1. You’re My World
  2. If That’s the Way You Feel
  3. Traffic in Fleet Street
  4. Lie With You
  5. My Kind of Wonderful
  6. I Love You Avenue
  7. Hold On (Money Don’t Buy Love)
  8. Tell Me Why
  9. Pizza Tears
  10. This Is Love
  11. Change of Heart
  12. August in the Morning

I hunted this down specifically for “This Is Love,” but about half of the other tracks grew on me right away. Chiefly “Traffic in Fleet Street,” which is a lovely tonal evocation of London seen through internally-distracted eyes, and the snazzy pop of “My Kind of Wonderful” and “Hold On.” Heyward is a fascinating songwriter, with skills ranging so broadly that I really can’t tell where his musical heart lies (if there is in fact just one place).