It’s a Beautiful Day

It’s a Beautiful Day

1969: San Francisco Sound SFS 11790

  1. White Bird
  2. Hot Summer Day
  3. Wasted Union Blues
  4. Girl With No Eyes
  5. Bombay Calling
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Time Is

Because of the opening track’s appearance in Mark Christopher’s short film “The Dead Boys’ Club” (on the videotape Boys’ Shorts), this album’s been on my wishlist for a long, long time…but I’d not felt it was crucial to actually acquire until late Spring of 2005, when suddenly all relevant lights turned green and I immediately scored a copy on CD.

Having played it over and over again many times, I can safely say that “White Bird” is the only reason I’ll have this CD in my collection *and* that it will remain a staple for that one track. The rest of the album veers from the kind of material that makes me force a pained smile of “yes, that’s nice, but…” to the milieu I described in my assessment of the track “Violin” on Kate Bush’s Never For Ever. And then there’s all that dissonant/spacey organ-playing…ergh…. So I’m going to ignore the rest of the album and concentrate on the reason I have it.

“White Bird” is sadly enchanting from its opening bars, transporting me to a special space removed from the rest of time and space as its gently swaying plucked intro draws a pentagram around a protected zone. The imagery is arguably trite but nonetheless succinctly paints the essential pieces which express the song’s feeling of sadness and lost chance.

I’m a bit curious about this CD issue of this album: there’s no “original LP issue” credits, nothing even indicating the album’s original year of issue or crediting the curiously involving cover artwork…it’s all quite vague.