Islam—Musiques et Chants

1997 Auvidis A 6235

  1. Call to Prayer (Muezzin)
  2. Ahellil: ‘Salamo’
  3. The Fathia, Opening Sura, Oriental Modulation
  4. Acclamation during the Pilgrimage to Mecca
  5. Imploration for a Safe Return
  6. Song for the Birth of the Prophet (Muled) by Adballah Afifi
  7. Ode to Imam Ali, Followed by a Poem by Jami
  8. Depossession Dance
  9. Songs in Honour of Jesus and Mary
  10. Opening of the Darb Shish Islamic Ritual
  11. Dervish Celebration Accompanied by Percussion (Excerpt)
  12. Sufi Chant
  13. Chaviou Elwara (Introduction)

I found this CD when I was looking for an album of muezzin calls to prayer, and it certainly is a pleasure to listen to. However I went on to get the 17-disc Music of Islam box set, which has upstaged this CD a bit. The almost radio-like opening track, however, has a feel unmatched on the clean and professional-sounding recordings of the box set.