KC and the Sunshine Band

  1. Sound Your Funky Horn
  2. Get Down Tonight
  3. I’m Your Boogie Man
  4. (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty
  5. Queen of Clubs
  6. That’s the Way (I Like It)
  7. Keep It Comin’ Love
  8. Please Don’t Go
  9. Boogie Shoes
  10. Let’s Go Rock and Roll
  11. Give It Up
  12. Do You Wanna Go Party
  13. I Like to Do It
  14. Shotgun Shuffle
  15. Wrap Your Arms around Me
  16. All I Want

Strictly speaking, I’m not into Disco, and certainly I loathed it when it was a current phenomenon in the late 1970s…I still fondly recall the day at the end of my Junior High years when a couple of jocks let fly in frisbee fashion the two vinyl LPs of Saturday Night Fever over the sports field.

However, now that the nightmare has passed, I can enjoy certain individual songs that were abhorrent by association if not actually guilty of being core Disco material, and the fact that I have this CD of K.C. and the Sunshine Band’s songs shouldn’t be construed as any kind of endorsement…I have it so that I can revel in a handful of tracks and ignore the rest of it.

The A-list on this album is short, for me: “I’m Your Boogie Man” is one of the most deliriously groovy booty-grinding tracks I can enjoy from those days, “Get Down Tonight” works excellently under certain circumstances (been there, done that, still would), and “That’s the Way” (etc.) is good for cheezoid indulgence and raunchy dancing at ReBar here in Seattle but not for actual listening. The rest? Skip, skip, skip, skip, skip.