Bulgarian Polyphony [III]—Bisserov Sisters and Nadka Karadjova

1992: JVC VICG-5223

  1. Devoiko mari hubavaThe Charming Girl
  2. Mari mome, momeSweet Mari
  3. Jenala e dilber YanaHarvest Song
  4. Posadila babaThe Mother Cultivating Beans
  5. Bre varai ludoYou Young Men
  6. Mar FurlinkoThe Girl Furlinko
  7. Ia Denitse moriDenitse and the Naughty Guys
  8. Neno liMy Child Neno
  9. Da znaiat malkite momiWhat Is a Girl’s Happiness?
  10. Shto ma ne ojenish mamoThe Boy Without a Sweetheart
  11. Vechele RadoOh, Rado!
  12. Dai si vase rachitsataTo a Bouquet
  13. Lale li si zyumbyul li siWhat Flower Are You?
  14. Zavedi me IalinoStay with Me, Lalino
  15. Shto e ogrealaAs Beautiful as the Moon
  16. Oi ti pileOh, Birds!
  17. Lele maleDo Not Lament
  18. KalugerineThe Monk Kalugerine
  19. Na pat iodamWhere the Path
  20. Zaspala li si lagudoThe Blossoms’ Conversation
  21. Mela NedaNeda Works Hard
  22. Oi Yano YanoYano, Yano!
  23. Oi Stano StanoDear Stano
  24. Neda voda nalivalaNeda Goes to the Well
  25. Kaniat me mamoWedding Invitation Song

Of all the Bulgarian vocal stuff in my collection, this is probably the weakest representative: the ladies are sliding all around the notes of their chords and seem completely unsure of themselves most of the time—a far cry (so to speak) from the radiant confidence of the choral glory of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares or even other trios. Turn to the Trio Bulgarka if you want better performance; these tracks are good as a demonstration of some choral arrangements but not for much listening pleasure.