Laughter from the Hip

24 Jazz Comedy Classics

1989: Jass Records J-CD-20

  1. Laughing in Rhythm

    Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Footwarmers (New York, 14 October 1941)

  2. Barnacle Bill the Sailor

    Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra (New York, 21 May 1930)

  3. Maybe Not at All

    Ethel Waters and Her Ebony Four (New York, 28 October 1925)

  4. It’s a Great World After All

    Don Redman and His Orchestra (New York, 28 June 1932)

  5. The Mosquito Song (Where Do the Mosquitoes Go in the Winter Time?)

    Wingy Manone and His Orchestra (New York, 14 January 1940)

  6. In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town

    Red Allen and His Orchestra (New York, 1947)

  7. The Latest Thing in Hot Jazz

    Eight Squares and a Critic

  8. For Musicians Only

    Bud Freeman and His V-Disc Jumpers (New York, 4 October 1945)

  9. Kidney Stew

    Charlie Shavers with Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra (New York, August 1950)

  10. Chicken (Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But a Bird)

    George Lewis Band (New Orleans, 22 May 1950)

  11. The Duck’s Yas Yas Yas

    Eddie Johnson’s Crackerjacks (Atlanta, 25 February 1932)

  12. Pussy (My Girl’s Pussy)

    Harry Roy and His Bat Club Boys (“From the Bat Club, London,” 1931)

  13. Beedle-Um-Bum

    McKinney’s Cotton Pickers (New York, 9 April 1929)

  14. Wah-Dee-Dah

    The Three Keys (New York, 21 September 1932)

  15. Cement Mixer

    The Slim Gaillard Trio (Los Angeles, 1 December 1945)

  16. Keep Smiling, Keep Laughing

    John Kirby and His Orchestra (New York, 11 February 1942)

  17. You’re Bound to Look Like a Monkey When You Get Old

    Clarence Williams’ [sic] Novelty Band (New York, 22 May 1930)

  18. Goofus

    Red Nichols and His Five Pennies (New York, 19 May 1932)

  19. Ikey and Mikey

    The Washboard Rhythm Kings (Camden, 23 November 1932)

  20. Laughing Boy Blues

    Woody Herman and His Orchestra (The Band That Plays the Blues) (New York, 14 April 1938)

  21. You Run Your Mouth (I’ll Run My Business)

    Fats Waller and His Rhythm (New York, 11 April 1941)

  22. Home on the Range

    Ted Weems and His Orchestra, with Perry Como & Gary Moore (New York, 27 January 1941)

  23. It’s the Tune That Counts

    Leo Watson and His Orchestra (New York, 22 August 1939)

  24. Laughin’ Louis

    Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra (Chicago, 24 April 1933)
    “Well, whaddayou know ’bout that?”