Little Bird / Love Song for a Vampire

Annie Lennox

1992: BMG/RCA 7432112883-2

  1. Little Bird Single Version
  2. Love Song for a Vampire from ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’
  3. Little Bird Utah Saints Version

Between this single and the UK and US releases of Diva, I have three versions of “Little Bird” even without counting the Utah Saints remix, plus I have the pleasantly hypnotic N’Joi version on a vinyl 12" single. I didn’t originally intend to have so many versions of this in my collection, really I just wanted the UK version and the Utah Saints mix…it just turned into a bigger challenge than I had foreseen.

Good thing I actually *like* the damned song! And the Utah Saints mix is good fun. The Single Version is, to me, weak compared to the album releases because it’s too reliant on little beefing-up augmentations that distract from the heart of the song.

“Love Song For a Vampire” has never quite touched me…perhaps it just came across as too gothic, albeit bombastically elegant gothic.