Everything Is Possible—The Very Best of Living Colour

Living Colour

2003: Epic/Legacy 82796 94824 2

  1. Cult of Personality
  2. Open Letter (To a Landlord)
  3. Funny Vibe
  4. Glamour Boys
  5. Middle Man
  6. Memories Can’t Wait
  7. Elvis Is Dead
  8. Type
  9. Solace of You
  10. Pride
  11. Time’s Up
  12. Go Away
  13. Nothingness
  14. Burning of the Midnight Lamp
  15. Sunshine of Your Love
  16. Flying
  17. Love Rears Its Ugly Head [Soulpower Hip Hop Remix]

I bought this compilation so that I could have the two Living Colour tracks I knew I responded to; only one other track on it spoke to me, so I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a fan of the group. The two were “Cult of Personality,” of course, because it’s their musclebound signature hit, and “Solace of You” which is a tremendous treat for the listener. The unexpected track was “Flying,” clearly based on and reacting to the World Trade Center towers’ destruction in 2001; that’s a tough one to listen to, although it’s lovely if bittersweet if one could somehow detach it from the basis….