Living In Oblivion: The 80’s Greatest Hits, Volume 4

1994: EMI 7243 8 28339 2 5

  1. Dance Hall Days

    Wang Chung

  2. One Thing Leads To Another

    The Fixx

  3. True

    Spandau Ballet

  4. Come On Eileen

    Dy’s Midnight Runners

  5. Digging Your Scene [US Single Version]

    The Blow Monkeys

  6. Sister of Mercy [Single Version]

    Thompson Twins

  7. Under the Milky Way

    The Church

  8. Lean On Me (Ah-Li-Ayo)

    Red Box

  9. Since Yesterday

    Strawberry Switchblade

  10. You Don’t Know

    Scarlett & Black

  11. Some People

    Belouis Some

  12. Shock [Single Remix]

    The Motels

  13. Belly Of the Whale

    Burning Sensations

  14. Tenderness

    General Public

  15. Get Out of London


  16. Go

    Tones On Tail

  17. Slang Teacher

    Wide Boy Awake

  18. Lawnchairs

    Our Daughter’s Wedding

  19. Mexican Radio

    Wall Of Voodoo

I’ve had this probably since it came out, as for some reason ’80s compilations were very popular among some of us in the mid-’90s despite the recordings being barely 15 years old. For me they were an interesting way to enjoy many more one-hit-wonder tracks that hadn’t reached my remote world as well as to recelebrate some that had.

The absolutely killer track on this particular disc is “Get Out of London,” which packs more energy per beat than nearly anything else I heard from the era (and it was a very energetic and vital era for music; probably the English Beat’s “She’s Going” is its nearest rival in that assessment, ska in general being fairly frenetic but not so focused and driven). Just when it seems like it’s come to its crest, it turns another corner and goes roaring up another hill. An awesome, fun ride indeed.