Things of Beauty


1995/1998 NorthSide NSD6010

  1. Eriskummainen Kantele / My Kantele
  2. Kultaansa Ikävöivä / There Is My Lover
  3. Viimsen Kerran / The Very Last Time
  4. Minuet and Polska
  5. Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi / Missing Him
  6. Valamon Kirkonkellot / Valamo Cloister Bells
  7. Ai, Ai Taas Sattuu / Oh, Oh, It Hurts Again
  8. Suo / Marshland
  9. Kolme Kaunista / Three Things of Beauty
  10. Ievan Polkka / Leva’s Polka

Intensely beautiful and bewilderingly creative developments of Finnish musical heritage. This was my introduction to Finland’s modern folk-music revival’s potential, and to get that via this collaboration of four stellar individual artists was a gift I hardly realized I was being given when the album first dropped from the heavens into my hands.