The Lord of the Rings

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Leonard Rosenman

1978: Intrada/Fantasy FMT 8003D

  1. History of the Ring
  2. Gandalf Throws Ring
  3. The Journey Begins
    Encounter with the Ringwraiths
  4. Trying to Kill Hobbits
  5. Escape to Rivendell
  6. Company of the Ring
  7. Mines of Moria
  8. The Battle in the Mines
    The Balrog
  9. Mithrandir
  10. Frodo Disappears
  11. Following the Orcs
  12. Fleeing Orcs
  13. Attack of the Orcs
  14. Gandalf Remembers
  15. Riders of Rohan
  16. Helm’s Deep
  17. The Dawn Battle
    Theoden’s Victory
  18. The Voyage to Mordor
    Theme from Lord of the Rings

A generally good soundtrack to a film that was a fair attempt, for its day, at bringing LotR to the screen. However, as with the film’s merits, the soundtrack too pales into absolutely ridiculous insignificance compared to Howard Shore’s masterpiece for Peter Jackson’s films in 2001–2003. If you can block those out of your mind and listen to this on its own, it’s not bad, although it has some mighty weak spots, but the difficulty is in that first step….