Norman Dello Joio: Homage to Haydn
Peter Schickele: Pentangle
Vincent Persichetti: Symphony No. 8

The Louisville Orchestra

1998: Albany Records TROY 024

    Norman Dello Joio
    Homage To Haydn

    Leonard Slatkin conducting

  1. I.  Introduction - Allegro scherzando
  2. II.  Adagio, molto sostenuto
  3. III.  Allegro giocoso

    Peter Schickele
    Pentangle—Five Songs For French Horn and Orchestra

    Kenneth Albrecht, french horn; Jorge Mester conducting

  4. I.  Cottonwood Grove
  5. II.  Tom On the Town
  6. III.  Noonsong
  7. IV.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the Amazing and Amusing Professor Presto
  8. V.  The Riddling Knight

    Vincent Persichetti
    Symphony No. 8

    Jorge Mester conducting

  9. I.  Adagio; Allegro grazioso
  10. II.  Andante sostenuto
  11. III.  Allegretto
  12. IV.  Vivace